Acts 17:26-28

You belong here. Simple as that. 

God plants us according to the time and seasons that will be for glorifying to Him. 

It is all about Jesus. We can never forget that. We have access to the Father because of Jesus. We will not die if we go through Jesus. Our temporary problems become smaller in comparison with Jesus! It is always all about Jesus. 

He has placed you exactly where you are for His purposes! If you are in a dangerous or harmful situation – He does no thing to cause harm but always uses what the devil intends as bad for good. He has placed you and HE IS WITH YOU! 

We are here for a reason. To love Jesus. When that is our first priority, then everything else falls into place.

Finances – love Jesus with your tithe. The 90% will go further than the 100%.

Relationships (friendships or otherwise) – love Jesus with your responses. A gentle word turns away wrath. Love your neighbor as yourself. You don’t want someone yelling at you, don’t do it to them. Speak kindly or not at all. 

Time – love Jesus first. Jesus got up early to spend time with God. I get up early to spend time with God because HE is my priority. Purposefully set aside some time to pray and read the Word.

Body – love Jesus by honoring His definition of purity and marriage. Purity – no sex before marriage. This means none physically OR watching it (yes regular movies are included in that) OR replaying it in your mind. This sin God’s against you directly. Marriage – God intended for one man and one woman. Anything other than this is an unholy attempt to fill a holy void.  Loving Jesus with your body also takes the form in taking care of your body. Not doing harmful things to it (overeating, drugs, alcohol) God has made your body to be magnificent – try not to taint it. If younhave , ask for forgiveness and STOP! Don’t keep doing the bad. 

These things don’t disqualify you from being a Christian but what I’m saying is, if people can’t tell you apart from the rest of the world because you aren’t loving Jesus in every area, then what has Jesus done and why do they need him? 

These areas of honoring and loving Jesus make your life soooooo much better. It frees you from the worry everyone has when they don’t honor God in these areas. 

Something to think about – honoring God in every area. 

You are here for a reasonm. You aren’t an accident. 

You are created for a purpose.


Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Love the Lord your God with all your heart. 

This isn’t an option to give God only one part of our hearts, of our lives – it is God’s intention for us to give everything we are to Him. Is he greedy? No God has need for nothing. Is he jealous? Yes. He loves you so much, he wants all your attention. 

We think it’s cute when our dogs/pets or kids are jealous for our attention, yet when God, the one who created us and our attentions, is jealous for our time – that in unacceptable or impossible to do with our busy lives. Bologna. 

But we give our everything to God because He gave everything for each one of us. Us as a collective  of humans (not the borg – where are my trekkies) and each of us individually. He gave us His son – part of himself and all of himself at the same time, for us. And we can’t give Him his attention and time. 

We are charges with loving God with everything because without Him, we have nothing. 

People should see the difference between those who merely acknowledge God and those who have given everything to Him. Giving everything doesn’t always look the same. 

Sometimes it is seen in a missionary. They have given up moving where they want, in the culture they want, etc. Giving everything to God. Sometimes it is seen in a pastor. His/her full time job – hearing from God and listening to our issues. (There is more I know #PKLife but that is a lot of what happens). And yet sometimes it is seen in your co-worker who abstains from crude jokes, from gossip, from swearing (yes it’s in the biblie, let no un-wholesome talk come out of your mouths), abstain from alcohol or drugs or any kind, who honors even when humiliated, respects everyone. None of that is easy, but the profit of it by giving it to God is worth so much more than the ease of giving in. Your mind and mouth are clean – no one can accuse you. You havent been gossiping so no kids or rumors. You aren’t in anything that would flag a tox screen that would be cause for immediate unemployment or jail time. Your boss knows to trust you for always being honorable and respectful.

Is it easy? Hardly ever. Is is worth it? OF COURSE!

When we love Jesus with our whole hearts and minds and spirits and strength then He can fill us with His heart, His mind and thoughts, His spirit, and His strength. He can fill us because we have emptied ourselves to Him. 

Lord we empty ourselves out at your feet. We love you with everything – we need only you Father. We are emptied for you to do with as you please. Fill us, use us, whatever your will is Lord – we submit. We submit to you on God. You are Holy and Worthy!

Luke 18:9-14

A quote by C.S. Lewis – true humility is not thinking less of yourself, but rather thinking of yourself less. 

Lord keep us humble. Let not pride overtake us when others praise or overtake us in the absence of praise in effort to fill that ‘need’. But instead Lord we ask that your love and grace be a constant reminder to us and within us that we have nothing without you. That we remember where we were (sinners with no way out) that stirred compassion within Him to save us. And that without Jesus, nothing matters! 

Humility is not self demeaning – it is knowing who you are as a sinner with a savior named Jesus. And that this saviour wants to save everyone else who is a sinner too. 

The first man demeans those around him, pointing the accusing finger at everyone else and saying he is better than them. 

I’ve had this mindset and it is sooooooo easy to fall into that and stay there. But it’s miserable and eventually friends turn into enemies and then you are alone. No one likes to hear how bad they are from someone else and how much better they’re than you – that’s why Jesus doesn’t honor that. 

Your deeds may be different and appearances too but it has never mattered what the outside is – Jesus has always and will always read a man’s heart. 

Your heart must be that of a humble person – one who sees his weakness and looks to God to fill it. You don’t have to beat yourself up, merely recognize and repent. 

A quote by C.S. Lewis – true humility is not thinking less of yourself, but rather thinking of yourself less. 

I love that quote. 

I have no issue with being wrong. I’m human, we make mistakes. I don’t like to make them so I try very hard not to but when I do, it is a reminder that I must not rely on my own strength but on God’s. It is up to each of us to keep our pride at bay, never to enter the sea of words flowing from our mouths.

Think of yourself less this week – put someone first. Tattle on yourself if need be. Ask for forgiveness. Forgive. Keep Jesus first and he will lead you into places and situations that you won’t be able to go or get to any other way than His way.

Titus 3:1-8

Do you ever read something and it just is so clear that it is God’s direction for the situation you’re in in that moment?

This passage is God’s direction for me in this upcoming season. 

I am about to restart the youth ministry of my church. I am so excited for the opportunity to be with my kids again. My kids are rough and rowdy but they are precious. They are worth every spare moment of my time. I love my kids. Being with them fulfills the Holy calling I feel on my life – to work the teenagers no one wants. God wants them and I want them.

In my excitement, my vision go the them has either been lost or tainted but outside circumstances. 

I met with an amazing mentor today and I’m so grateful for him. My heart overflows at this opportunity to mentor my kids and be mentored by someone who gets the situation my church is in. God cares about his people and it is evident in the little things no one sees or recognizes. 

Then I read the passage. It is full of instruction and the reasons why to give those instructions and why to receive them! 

 “Remind them to be submissive, to be obedient, ready for every good work, etc. The goodness and lovingkindness of God out savior appeared, he saved us…by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit whom He poured out on us richly…be careful forgive themselves to good works”

This is for me. The outline of how I am to approach this ministry. The way to be effective in communicating to my kids. It will change with someone else and these kids. It will change when I am with some other church’s kids. 

But, this, today, this was for me. I’m broken that God has shone the light on His path with His word for my sake. For my kids’ sake. For His sake! Praise you Lord for your Word and for your spirit which opens our eyes to see the glories of your goodness and your plan.

Philippians 4:8-9

True. Noble. Right. Pure. Lovely. Admirable. Excellent. Praise worthy.

There is only one who is all of these all the time – Jesus. 

There are His characteristics in things on this earth that bear His mark of creativity (such as lovely sunset) which requires a response from us of “Thank you God for a lovely sunset”

When we encounter these things, we give glory to only Jesus. 

These things are wonderful and they should be what is running through our hearts, minds, and spirits! Yet what do we often fill our hearts, minds, and spirits with? 

Complaining. Grumbling. Gossip. Personal demeaning of yourself (I’m too fat, I’m too obnoxious, etc.). And a whole slew of other crap that distracts us from Jesus. 

This week has been a really challenging week and I stumbled. I found myself centering my thinking and my heart around complaining and meditating on the negatives going around and within me. This is not the life God intended for me to have. I am not referring to my job (injured for a reason and a season. He determined when the reason is fulfilled and when the season is over. I do not.) I am referring to the mental state and spiritual state I have out myself into with my complaining and gossip and spiteful words. 

He is good, he is true, he is oure, he is right, he is lovely, he is admirable, he is excellent, he is praiseworthy – He intended for us to think and to meditate on Him! Meditate meaning to put our whole effort into focusing in on God. We can do this while at work – it does not matter who you are surrounded by, speak your prayers out in a soft voice, barely a whisper. Speak your prayers in the bathroom, at the coffee pot, water cooler, in the hallway, if you work in an office by yourself. I mean there is no reason you can’t be praising and thinking about God while you are working.

He gave you the job and He is going to help you do it when you honor Him throughout the day. 

We are to think on these things. When we keep our minds full of the better thing (things listed above: true, poure, etc.) Then there is NO room for the other distractions, the fake imitations meant to keep you from God’s best. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m holding out for God’s best. Not a mediocre version that I force, but the one He picked. The one He chose. The one He has paved the way for. The one He is my rear guard on. 

Help us Jesus to focus on you. To think on the things of you. To meditate on your goodness above all else. Thank you Jesus for another day, for another opportunity to praise your glorious name!

James 2:14-24

God is the promise give and the promise fulfiller!

Todays passage was about faith with works.

It isn’t one or the other – it is a mixture of both. 

I will tell you a very personal illustration what this means to me, this mixture lifestyle of faith and acting out your faith.

In my life, there is a promise. A promise that when fulfilled involved a celebration. This celebration will be sudden and most likely expensive. I live in faith of this fulfilled promise every day. I act out this faith by saving and purchasing decorations for this celebration that will not change. 

Abraham did the same – his promise was to be fulfilled in Isaac. God asked him to sacrifice Isaac. He in faith believed that the promise would still be fulfilled in Isaac. He acted this out by taking sacrifice materials for the fire. And Isaac but no other alternative sacrifice. He lived and after out faith in the promise from God. 

I look to Abraham for the same living by and acting out my faith in my promise. I do not look to alternative as He did in Hagar but I do hold steadfast to my promise and keep preparing in faith.

God is the promise give and the promise fulfiller!

James 1:22-27

Speak praise not complaining

Im a huge fan and advocate of everyone being an active part in some sort of ministry. You should definitely not be spiritually fat with all this knowledge but no walking out to work it off.

The above is funny and true. You need to eat and exercise spiritually (and physically but I’m not telling anyone about their health when I have health issues) 
But with this particular passage got me on bridle my tongue. Today my tongue lit fires because I was upset

What ever gave me the right to give free reign to my tongue? Nothing! Just because I’m upset or offended gives me no right to spread nasty (albeit true) things.

I shouldn’t be offended or upset in the first place. 

It convicted me about my testimony and how in my recent and long extended state of indebtedness – I have tainted it. 

Lord Jesus forgive me for personally tainting the image and glorious truth of who you are and what you have done. I’m undone as in my justifications mean nothing in the light of you. Father help me to speak praise and not complaining!

Matthew 7:21-23

There are lots of people who do things in God’s name and they are not His will.

Murdering in any way – not God’s will. (Leave the war subject alone – it’s touchy for me, please. I’m talking about shooting someone in the face, etc. That kind of murder. And abortion- say what you want, it is not your body, there is a physical barrier between your body and the baby’s body so there is my view on that) 

Sleeping around – not God’s will.

Drunkenness – not God’s will.

Gossiping and spreading discord and dissension – not GOd’s will. 

But how would we know unless someone told us? Well lucky for us, He did. We have to be in God’s presence and Word to know what His will is. It may not be clear cut – take this job, marry this person, but this car, etc. – but it is clear cut as to what is pleasing in God’s sight for those subjects mentioned above. 

You can have the scriptures memorized “we cast demons out in your name” but not spend any time with Jesus and still not be able to get into heaven. Not my words, Jesus’. 

It is two food – know the Word and spend time with the Author. 

You may be able to fool some people about your spirituality or relationship with God, but the moment you encounter someone who is in constant communication with God the Holy Spirit will reveal the false perception. 

There is a thing in our house – Dad knows things. Things he shouldn’t know because we didn’t tell anyone. He knows because the Holy Spirit reveals them to him. No my dad is not a psychic – please. But when it comes to revealing a falsehood or mal intentions, there is Godly revelation that is meant to bring restoration, reconciliation, and repentance. A psychic is after deception and your money. Don’t be broke and snowed by a showman. 

I know we are busy people – time is limited. That is why it is so precious as to what we spend it on. If you have to, get up earlier to spend time in the word. Go to your room earlier to worship. Worship in the shower or while you’re doing the dishes. You’re reading this so you have access to the internet – open an audio bible (Bible Gateway or YouVersion are free) and listen while you’re cleaning or working. Get the time in with Jesus. The more you know His word the easier is to tell when He is speaking of when the devil (or yourself) are trying to deceive you. 

The bible encourages us to test every spirit against the Word. If the spirit doesn’t like with the Word, he doesn’t like up to get into your life. If it lines up with the Word and what you’ve been praying, next in line to board the ME train thank you. 

It is important that we know God, we spend time with God, to act out our love for God genuinely. It isn’t a show of performance, it is a lifestyle that doesn’t change whether you are at home alone, surrounded by your family, at work, in your car, at the grocery store, at church. We must know God, we were designed for it but He must also know us. Meaning we keep the relationship fresh through prayer and worship. He has done everything necessary to pursue us first (the cross), how we just pursue in return (prayer and worship).

This relationship should not be stagnant – it is to be refreshing and peaceful to you and others around you. When people encounter you and you’re filled with Jesus, they encounter the Prince of Peace – an experience they may never have known if not for your constant relationship with Jesus and the divine appointment he had set before the foundations of the earth.

Hebrews 3:1-6

God is supposed to have the glory 

He is the one whom is glorious and worthy of glory 

It isn’t supposed to be us or the earth that gets the praise for being glorious on our own. This passage says the builder of the house has more glory than the house itself. For us it means we are the house and the builder (God) is to receive the glory for His craftsmanship in us. 

Christ himself is he who will keep us, he is faithful. There is no disputing His faithfulness, it is ours which fluctuates 
These facts are true. But I’m struggling at grasping the meaning of the passage and how it is meant to help me abide in Christ. 

I suppose for me in current situation that it isn’t about me. It is about jesus. I could very easily slip into a price filled lifestyle. But I don’t want to. Haughty people bother me – so I don’t want to be the one who steals the glory from God. 

It is Jesus who has provided everything I have ever needed, everything I ever will. Including physical needs, work skills, knowledge, wisdom, relationship skills, breathe in my kungs, full functioning body, the car I drive, the job I work at, I could keep going. But the point is – I have nothing to my name. It all belongs to Jesus. 

He is the builder of this house (me) and the house never owns anything. It merely is a vessel that it is kept in. The belongings inside are under the ownership of the builder and owner of the house. He is the builder of me and he owns me. He died for me. I owe him my life.

This may not be what this passage is meant to convey but it is a reminder to me that it is about Jesus and the glory is His. The glory should never stay with me. It should shine off of me because of the time and the honor I give him but it never comes from anything I’ve done. 

When you spend time with  Jesus then you will shine like Jesus. Moses’ shone after spending time with God. That is what we are supposed to do. Shine from our time with Jesus! 

Shine because of Jesus; from your time and for His glory.

Philippians 2:1-5

Do everything as in one accord

Do nothing from selfish ambition

Look to the interest of others

Have this mind which is yours in  Christ Jesus 
Short sweet and to the point tonight I’m afraid

When there is unity, there is peace. We just came out of a situation where there was not unity within a group, it was miserable. Jesus told us not be unequally yoked in marriage, in belifs, in the body, but to be yoked with Him. If everyone yoked with Jesus there will be unity. Unity is irreplaceable when it co see to ding successful at anything, especially ministry. People can see tension or the lack of spiritual unity. The Holy Spirit is able to move more freely when the body is unified, people can tell when it is there and when it is not. 

Unity is imporgant! 

Jesus out others first constantly. He made sure his relationship with His Father was unaffected before ministering. But when he ministered he never considered himself, his feelings, his agenda, his anyghing! It was God’s will and the people’s needs. 

What if we lived our life ensuring our relationship with God was solid before we ministered? And when we ministered it was with everything we Have? I think the church soul be u stoppqble, powered by the Holy Spirit!