Isaiah 55

I still have the third part of my little series to publish – it is my FAITH LIFE WORD (technically a phrase but that’s not important right now)

But I felt compelled to write this this morning.

I am in  my apartment alone, eating breakfast and doing my devotional. I turn in my bible to my normal reading pattern and Jesus speaks to my spirit and says “Go to Isaiah 55”

I was like oh Lord you mean 58 I’m sure because that is about the garden and I love gardens.

“No. 55.” It was a firm inflection. The Lord is usually very gentle with me. Sometimes He is also very sassy. Many weeks ago I made a decision (which is very difficult for me, middle child syndrome – eldest and youngest always get their way. Don’t believe me? Ask a middle child – it is true haha) Anyway, I made a decision. Well the exact opposite of the decision was presented in front of me and it had me very confused. I asked the Lord “Jesus what are you doing?” in a playful and yet exasperated and confused manner.

He replied and I quote “Whatever I want” and He giggled.

You may not think God giggles but He does. We wouldn’t be able to giggle if He didn’t – He did create each of us after all.

ANYWHO – I turn to Isaiah 55. Please read this passage on your own as it is an amazingly hope-filled chapter of the bible.


The title is “An invitation to abundant life”

Jesus said “I come to give life and life to the full [abundant life]”

This is an invitation to come closer to Jesus. Where when we are thirsty, there is water that never dries up. Where when you are without money, there is food and wine and milk that has no price. Where the only thing to eat, is good and we can delight ourselves in the abundance of Jesus. (Application of verses 1-2)

This is an invitation to be in conversation with Jesus – intimate conversation where no-one else can hear. It says in verse 3 “Incline your ear, and come to me. Hear, and your soul shall live.”

Incline means to lean into, lean close to and we do this in order to hear what Jesus is saying. And whatever He is saying to us – each individually – is meant to give life to your soul. Life to your soul – like a big bear hug (if you like hugs) or someone who is praying for you and encouraging you even when you feel like giving up. That is what Jesus wants to do for each of us. He so desperately wants to give life to us – we need to incline, come close, hear, listen, accept His words, and let them take root in our lives.


He promises to make an everlasting covenant with you, with me JUST as He did with David. King David – the man after God’s own heart. That is the relationship He wants with YOU. With me. With every single person on the planet – even the ones you hate. Even the ones hate. He loves them – and we should follow His example. (Application of verse 3-4)


This next section – I’m bawling. Can barely read. I have longed to be a missionary since my first missions trip. I felt the desire when I was in college and it was dismissed by someone I called for advice as the fact that they thought I was just in hype mode from a really good service. Not bitter just a recounting of events. So missionary heart – verse 5

Surely you shall call a nation you do not know, and nations who do not know you shall run to you, Because of the Lord your God, and the Holy One of Israel; For He has glorified you.”

A nation I do not know and nations who do not know you will run to you – that speaks to my desire. The God-given desire to share with nations the love of Jesus that brings life. It brings abundance when all you know if poverty.


Verse 6-7 is another invitation to come close to Jesus. To seek Him while He may yet be found. It isn’t a one-time invitation that He didn’t really mean, that He half-hearted gave because it was an awkward situation. He keeps repeating Himself because He truly means it when He says “come to me”


Verse 8-9 embrace His ways. Embrace His thoughts. Reject your ways. Reject your thoughts. They are of a lesser value and lesser vision that His. At first glance it may sound like I’m saying “check your brain at the door” but I’m not. God uses folly to confound the wise and SOOOOOO many people think they are wise and that their ways are the best ways…and He is just giggling saying “look! This is the opposite of what you think and YET IT IS SO MUCH BETTER!” That is the beauty of His ways – He is doing them, we do not have to do and it still come s out better than if we were trying to get it done our way!

10-11 Everything God has designed and created and done – never returns VOID. Meaning, it never fails at accomplishing its intended purpose. Rain falls to bring water to the earth so that it may bring forth buds from seeds to feed those of us who eat anything on planet earth. But it isn’t just about natural occurrences but it is about His WORD AS WELL! “It shall accomplish what I (AKA THE LORD) please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I (AKA THE LORD) sent it” [I read it as in the new thing for which I sent it.]

His ways. His thoughts. His purposes. His intentions. His Word. His prospering. None of it is our responsibility to create it, to intend for it, to think it, to make the way, to say it initially (we repeat His promises to remind ourselves in faith what He has already said). It is His responsibility. Our job, our responsibility is to obey. That’s it. Whether the task be great or small – it is easy to obey if we are willing.


12-13 We go out with JOY. Being led in PEACE. The very land around break out in singing and clapping when we listen and obey the Lord. Life giving side effects will spring up instead of pain inducing things (the cypress and myrtle trees pop up instead of the thorn and the brier). BUT these pop up as a sign of God’s divine mercy. Of God’s love. Of His mercy and power. It isn’t about us. Never was. It is ALL ABOUT GIVING GLORY TO GOD.

The land isn’t singing because of us – it is singing because God’s love and power are flowing through us. The earth loves God’s glory just as much as we do. “The very rocks will cry out” if we do not. To me, that means when we praise Heaven AND Earth enjoy the praise of Almighty God. The earth is God’s creation in all it’s beauty just as we are God’s creation in all our beauty. 


I hope I didn’t bore you with my crying-inducing devotional this morning. But I really felt like I needed to share…cause I did.


I hope this encourages someone…if not it at the very least encouraged me.

Be blessed.



I wrote this in my notes a month ago…well 5/13…I’ve been stewing on it and getting it into my soul and I didn’t want to alter my original thoughts – sometimes I do but the rawness of what is written is what I wanted to convey. This is the part 1 of the faith life word that developed in my heart, the one that Precursor led into. Part two will follow this one, soon. This soon is like God’s soon…you never really know what that means lol


I heard something today that has haunted me

Not in the “I’m so ashamed or fearful” way but rather it won’t leave me alone and it keeps coming to the forefront of my mind

I cannot fully embrace [or love] God as I continually criticize/reject his ways

It has almost been too much for me to handle today

It has made me question lots of things

Like what on earth have I been doing all this time when I’ve been questioning him? It wasn’t just “I don’t understand” it was more “whyyyyyy are you doing it this way???”

I’ve questioned if I have ever fully embraced Him on anything

I questioned if I was the one holding God back from Him being able move freely in my life because I wouldn’t accept His ways

I questioned if I even knew or could even  fathom His ways. If I couldn’t then no wonder I couldn’t bring myself to embrace them – I was terrified of the unknown!

But as I went through these questions, I realized that doing it my way sucked. Nothing good had ever come of it

The unknown is just as scary as the boring routine rut I am stuck in

I know we are told His ways are higher than our ways but I found one more reason to embrace his ways. The only way to embrace something is to let go of what you’re holding.

If you are holding your ways, you cannot embrace His. So we must reject our ways – this is biblical. Matthew 16:24 NLT “you must give up your own WAY”

But then after all these questions I see Grace. Grace that is so overwhelming and powerful to change the outcome of those questions. It re-writes the wrongs that have been done and comforts me and empowers me to not do them again.

So it doesn’t matter that in the past I haven’t embraced his ways in the fact or regard that I have ruined his plan. God‘s plan can never be supported or undone and therefore it doesn’t matter that I messed up. Because we have all messed up and God‘s plan will still come to pass even in our mess.

So the grace covers the mistakes, helps me except the correction, helps me apply the information, and empowers me to not do it again. But even if I do make the same mistake Grace is there reminding me to not to. Grace is there to tell me what God’s will is and not mine

Okay so we accept the past as something we cannot change and is covered by grace. We accept the future as something we cannot control or order and is covered by grace. We accept the present as it is the place where God has placed us EXACTLY where He wants us. And it is still covered by grace

His ways. Even if it is terrifying at first – then after awhile it becomes more of “ooooo I wonder what He is gonna do next!”

There is always a NEXT with God but we have to accept there NOW to get to Next. God’s next won’t come until you accept God’s now. Accept the now as His way and the next will blow you out of the water.


God we reject our own ways and we embrace your ways. We enjoy the now but we are so looking forward with great anticipation as to what You are getting to reveal. We know you are already beginning to do it as you say in Isaiah 43:18-19, and we are ready to see and testify of your NEW THING! We embrace how YOU want to do it, in YOUR WAY! Jesus, HAVE YOUR WAY! We yell with conviction so that we do not overrule ourselves but instead stick to the faith You have given to us.


Over the past week (last Sunday to today) God has been moving and speaking to me in such clarity  and volume that I struggled to write it all down and to communicate all in my spirit effectively.

As I have recounted and revisited my conversations with God that I determined it took place in two very important steps. Two steps with a precursor happening months ago.

The precursor – my soul word.

This is not based on any training or as far as I know, anyone else’s sermon. It was the phrase/terminology God gave to me so I could even begin to communicate the soul transformation occurring within me.

Precursor word: It is well.

I didn’t choose this word. The hymn and the song are favorites of mine prior to this word being dropped in my soul. But it wasn’t the word I would have gone with…if I was in charge of the words necessary for soul healing. But I’m not. So I didn’t. Thanks God.

2 Kings 4:8-37

I can’t even begin to type without feeling the gravity of this passage in my heart.

It brings tears to my eyes. The Word of God yes…but this. This story in particular…oh my.

If you are unfamiliar with this passage, it is about the Shunammite woman and her son.

I called her Suzy. To help make me more of a person than just a character. In fact, I gave all of them names…except Elisha. He had one already.

Suzy is married to a wealthy man. Due to their physical location they were on the normal traveling route of Elisha – the man of God. The closest thing to God without actually being God (at the time). When Elisha would pass by, Suzy would be a wonderful hostess. Feeding Elisha, watering his camels, giving him a place to rest his feet before finishing his day’s journey. After some time, she asks her husband George to build Elisha a room for him to sleep and have time alone. To truly rest for the night and not for just a few hours before walking some more. George builds Elisha a room and Elisha is extremely grateful. He wants to repay Suzy for her faithful kindness. She never turned him away or said no. He calls her in to his room after finding out, she has no children. He promises her a son. She adamantly refuses because she has given up hope. She is content with being George’s wife and serving the man of God. He doesn’t listen and promises her a son anyway. She doesn’t even really believe him.

The promise is fulfilled and Suzy is literally the happiest she has ever been. More happy and fulfilled than she ever thought possible. It was bliss. Her son, Ben, was beautiful. Helpful and loved spending time with his daddy in the fields. One normal day, Ben is out with George and begins to have a severe headache. He is rushed home…to die. Suzy was with him. Her heart stops. The promise she had given up hope for is gone. The promise she cried out against is now dead. The promise that was fulfilled…was ripped away from her so suddenly. Her precious baby. His first laugh, first word, first steps, and so much more race through her mind. She decides…Elisha caused this. Elisha will fix it. She doesn’t run through the house screaming and wailing. Elisha will fix this. She places Ben in Elisha’s room – the closest place to God’s presence that she can get without Elisha being present. She closes the door with Ben inside. Everyone asks her what happened…her response “It is well.”

She goes to Elisha and in bitter anguish and despair she reveals the reason for her visit – God hid it from Elisha because God wanted Suzy to reveal it to God, herself. Elisha goes to Suzy and George’s house, into the room he normally stayed in – where Ben’s body was – and prays. Elisha is then a vessel for God to perform a miracle in raising Ben to life and restoring Suzy’s promise back to her.


Her response in the greatest tragedy of her life…it rocks my world. Shakes my soul. And heals it from the bitterness in my own life.

Promises to me from God have yet to be fulfilled…these promises though they look dead (as in no hope, no way out, no possible explanation as to why they are dead) – we have to place them in God’s presence. They are promises from God. He gives them to us. We must give them back to Him for Him to do His miracle with. *Place your promise in the presence of the ALMIGHTY and MORE THAN ENOUGH GOD. He created the promise – He won’t let it die. It will live. *

As the promise is in God’s presence, we must come to Jesus with our bitterness, our questions, our doubts, our fears, our hurt, our misunderstandings. I openly admit – there was bitterness in my heart over my promises. There isn’t anymore because God is GOOD. We have to get that out of our hearts so God can come in and heal our wounds. Bind up our broken hearts. He won’t fix something if you don’t admit there is something wrong. The minute you admit it, He is there with the solution.


Once we come to Jesus, we have placed the promise at His feet and told him all of our emotions that are tied to that promise, once we have done…LOOK OUT! then the miracle can happen. Sometimes the miracle is something tangible. A physical healing. A bill is paid for unexpectedly. Debt is forgiven. A family member/loved one/friend comes into a relationship with Jesus.

And yet sometimes, the healing is in our attitude regarding the problem. This was me. My soul was sick. Almost dead from hope deferred. But God in His mercy, brought me my soul word. The word (phrase) I needed to deal with the promise not yet fulfilled. The word I needed to use as the healing balm for my soul in order for the miracle to take place.

It has taken some time to get my soul ready for the miracle. The promise has not yet been fulfilled as of this moment but I am telling you, my soul has never been this on fire, this ready to take on a mountain, take on an army of demons, fearless in the face of human impossibilities – it started with





Are you ready to start? Are you ready to seek and receive your soul healing word?



I apologize that my writing has been less than present recently.

Truth time: I have struggled. You know the struggle when getting up out of bed is a chore. When breathing becomes a thing of contemplation rather than instinct. To continue to be Jesus to the world when the world has done nothing but spit in your face and tell you that you are crazy. You begin to wonder why is it worth it? This Christian life. To follow Jesus into the dark, into the mess, into the hopelessness. Why would we go there when we are beginning to think we carry it with us on the inside? We don’t know when it happened – just all of a sudden, there it is. A nasty mold on your heart and you’re not sure if you truly want to get rid of it or not.

No-one talks about these times. Well at least I don’t hear about them very often. You may, but I do not and I felt like something was wrong with me. As if these questions and feelings were my fault.

They aren’t. They aren’t my fault. And they aren’t your fault.

Please do not misinterpret me – I LOVE JESUS. I cannot go one day without Him or Holy Spirit in my life. But neither can I ignore the fact that while I deeply love Jesus and am deeply loved by Him, I still struggle. Cry until it is a snot facial (not pretty) and can’t breathe because the heart pain is so intense. Doubts creep in, doubts of if God actually loves me, hears my prayers, sees me in my situations which appear to be so hopeless (in the natural that is), and does He even care?

It is heavy. ALMOST to the point of crushing.

But thank you JESUS, my savior and LORD, that He gives grace to the humble (Proverbs 3:34/James 4:6/1 Peter 5:5), he binds up the brokenhearted (Psalm 147:3/Isaiah 61:1), and we are NOT crushed (2 Corinthians 4:8).

This truth is helpful to bring us out of the deepest part of that pit of self-pity, self-despair, and self-hatred.

It is still a looooooong journey. Repeating the truths God says about you, repeating His promises, and reminding yourself that He is faithful to finish the good work that He began is a daily process.

It takes saying yes everyday to God and what His Word says instead of saying yes to the pity party that no-one wants to attend, including you.

I will not give you cliches. I want to share with you honest and real confessions. Everyone of us has the thing that we are holding up to God asking Him why didn’t He intervene or why hasn’t He intervened yet. And it affects us each in a different way and in different degrees of intensity. Does that mean my struggle is worse or less than yours? No.

And that is why it is imperative we treat one another with grace and mercy – just as Jesus did with us. Forgiving just as Jesus forgave us.

We are each of us going through some sort of storm that looks totally different. Some of us are in a tornado, some are in a dust storm, some a drought, some a flood, a hurricane, lightening storm, rain so intense you cannot see, mudslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, monsoons, blizzard, ice storm, hail the size of your fists, violent volcanic eruptions, etc. (I ran out of my knowledge of natural disasters). My point is – each of those is a storm. Each looks different. Each has it is own consequences or effects. Each has its own safety protocols. Each has it is own defense mechanisms.

But the damage is still the same. And just as Hurricane Katrina victims can sympathize and empathize with tsunami victims and earthquakes victims because they have lost everything, so are we to sympathize and empathize with our neighbors – Christian or not – in their struggles, in their storms. Their world may be upside down, just like yours.

We all need the saving power and sustaining grace of Jesus in order to 1) survive our storm and 2) help those going through their struggle and storm.

God saved us – thank you God. But He didn’t save us for just the purpose of saving us alone, He saved us so that we might tell those around us that “HEY! JESUS CAN SAVE YOU! ASK HIM TO!” He died for you personally. But He also died for them personally too. They need to know.

You may be struggling right now. The promise may look completely dead. Jesus can raise the dead.

In your struggle, find His truth. Share His truth. As you find it and share it, you will begin to see that their struggle becomes less and so does yours.


Dear one, self-pity and self-hatred will never fill you or be nice to you. Jesus will fill you til you are overflowing and He is always kind. Even in your doubt, He is there comforting you. Holding you. Listening to you. And wiping away your tears.

Trust me. I have walked this snot facial mess out – God cleans it off. I promise you, He does.

Be blessed child of God. You are loved. You are chosen. You are wonderfully made. You are designed. You are purposed. You are full of Holy Spirit. You are powerful.


Living with intention

This is the thought and my prayer for this month. To live with intention.

To love with intention.

To speak with intention.

That nothing would be idle or just a filler.

To be vulnerable with intention.

What I think of intention, I think of as purposeful. Not rushed. Not influenced by anyone else or how they feel. But confident in the actions being taken are the ones that will be finished in a proper manner.

This may cause me to slow down at things. But it will also free me from being over committed. And the events or things I do put effort into will be done better and more productively than if I were to have rushed through them.

I didn’t really have a bible story or verse in mind when I started writing but as I wrote, Jesus lived with intention and purpose. Not pushed around by the people or the events he found himself in.

Im reminded of the woman at the well. He intentionally chose that well at that time for. Her. He chose her with intention. He asked her intentional and purposeful questions and then answered her in like manner.

Intention. Purpose. Not driven by society’s standards or the other people’s opinions of her. He intentionally loved her as a daughter of God for indeed that is what she was.


Even in the routine and mundane, live intentionally. Live purposefully. God will use this time for His glory. Live as Jesus lives – intentionally, purposefully, and full of love cultivated from a close relationship with His Father, or Heavenly Father. Allow yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit, His intentions always lead you and others closer to the throne of God.

Happy You Happy Life

I recently did a devotional on the YouVersion app and it was titled Happy You Happy Life.

Normally I am pretty skeptical about the word HAPPY (please refer to the previous post – Happiness is okay) but to be open and transparent, the end of the year was preeeetttty miserable for me. So I literally pepped myself up to this because I am not supposed to be miserable due to Jesus in my life….and yet during the events that sent me spiraling, I was supposed to be overjoyed at what had happened…..instead of a downer. I needed help.

Starting the devotional I read the first day and I was hooked! So hooked I needed to share what was causing me to be happy with the few people who pay attention to my social media accounts, which are normally filled with pictures of my beautiful dog (#sweetbellepepper) and my amateur bakes.

I wasn’t alone in feeling this spirit of imbalance during the holiday season. You are smiling at the parties and when your mind isn’t on the disappointments in your life…..but when you’re alone….

In the shower where the water brings out the dark thoughts and tears.

In your bed.

In your devotion time.

In your car.

The disappointments come in like a flood and you do your very best to keep it together. Normally, failing at that. Which only makes it just that much harder to remain composed.

I went through it faithfully – everyday reading the devotional and the scriptures that went with it. Then I would create a picture of what I got out of the devotional. Shared it. Then went to bed. I did it this way so 1) I would have God’s Word and what He spoke to ME as the last thing I processed mentally that day 2) I would look at it all day the next day to remind myself of what God had spoken to me

Huge success. Not just for me, but for those who saw it. They needed to hear that God was with them in this season (even if it wasn’t difficult) because when they do go through difficult seasons, they have HIS word (not mine because I honestly can’t remember most of what I wrote) to remember. They have access to a pictorial reminder that they can look at constantly.

The devotional ended (it is only 14 days) BUT the message of Happy You Happy Life is in my theme for this new year.

Instead of New Years Resolutions, I discovered that people have a word for the year.

My word is HAPPY. The hashtag ( I am a millenial in some aspects after all) I am using for all year is #happyyouhappylife Because everyday there is something GOD himself has placed in the day that is designed to remind you to be happy and filled with joy because He loves you, He saved you, He wants to be with you, and He wants to talk to you. He wants to lean back and listen to what you have to say to Him. He wants to whisper in your ear sweet “nothings” than can change your life. His sweet “nothings” hold more weight than our loftiest of speeches.

God not only has things He has specifically place in each day for YOU to bring a smile to YOUR face but He wants to do these things so we share His goodness. He also does this in a new way!

Everything God does is for His glory and He rarely does the same thing the same way twice. Thus my verse, technically verses, for the year. Isaiah 43:18-19 (conglomerate of versions – NKJV, NLT, ESV)

Do not remember the former ways or consider the old ways, it is nothing compared to what I am about to do. For I am doing a new thing, See! I have already begun it! I will even make a pathway in the wilderness and I will create rivers in the desert.

Isn’t that just overly exciting? Especially when it looks to be literally the same old same old. To have God promise that the old will not stay and that He is doing new things and He is already starting – is beyond amazing to me. I know He means it, if not for you then definitely for me because He quite literally posted it everywhere. All over my social media, in my devotions, even my Bible fell open accidentally. WHAM! There it is.

I know God has amazing things – NEW THINGS – in store for us all this year. We just have to be on the lookout for them.




Oh and if you thought “pshhh that’s just a typical New Years verse, He doesn’t actually mean that for this year” errrr hold up! I’m skeptical and cynical as well (something the Lord is getting out of me) and because that is my natural inclination He gave me Philippians 1:6 juuuuust as a reminder of “Hey doubt GO AWAY!”

Philippians 1:6 Being confident of this very [NEW] thing, that HE who began a good work in you, will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ

The NEW thing that He has already STARTED will be finished by HIM and Him alone. If God started it, it’s good. Since it is good, He will finish it and it will end well in my life. If God did not start it, it is not good. Since it is not good, God will end it and my life will be better without it.


Happiness is okay

I don’t know about everyone out there but I know the struggle I have with happiness – that it isn’t okay. I have heard for years that it is about being joyful instead of happy. The joy of The Lord is our strength. And this is so very true! When we know that we have made the choice to keep the Lord as LORD in every part of our lives then we can be joyful because He is in control, not us! That is amazing because we don’t have to worry about keeping anything up because we didn’t start it. Praise God for He keeps us! 

But beyond this amazing and praise inducing statement, there was the idea that happiness is fleeting and therefore not necessary. Which is honestly truly miserable. “Well the Lord is In control so I don’t have to worry but I can’t be happy about it either” I can totally see why when that message is presented it isn’t entirely appealing. 

In my own life, I LOVE the Lord. My life is centered around Him but I was so miserable because I felt like I wasn’t allowed to be happy. “God isn’t a feeling” “it isn’t about being happy, it’s about doing the Lord’s work” “happiness is momentary while joy is everlasting” 

So in all these sentiments preached by so many voices, I was miserable. I had become the miserable Christian that I claimed I couldn’t understand. How they could be miserable with Jesus in their life? And yet here I was…bitter, cynical, judgemental, and faking my smile and laughter so well I almost fooled myself. 

I can’t fool God though, and neither can you. 

God exposed my bitterness root that had sprung up about so many things in my life and the different plants it was sprouting. Doubt in God’s faithfulness, hopelessness, cynicism, judging people based on their double standards, and a servant mentality instead of a daughter mentality. All these weeds or plants that choke out thriving plants.

He showed me how far it had spread. He showed me that He wanted to take it away and REPLACE it with his roots. So I began to look up the opposite of bitterness and came upon sweetness, contentment delight, and happiness.

At happiness I wept. Because once the problem was exposed it also showed what had been missing from me. Not my behavior but IN ME! I was not happy. But by the empowering grace of God I can be happy instead of bitter! I can be content instead of cynical! I can be delighted in my circumstances and situations instead of doubtful that they will ever change! 

He wants to take our bitterness away and REPLACE it with Happiness! That and the sweetness of His love! Psalm 34:8, Psalm 119:103, Provebs 24:13 all describe the sweetness of the Lord! He wants that to be the root that grows in the garden of your heart, not the root of bitterness. 

Happiness is okay to feel! It is biblical to say I am happy! Psalm 144:15 Happy are the people who are in such a state; happy are the people whose God is Lord! Psalm 146:5 Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help, whose help is in the Lord His God! 

 When we keep God as the center of our lives, keep our hope in Him, look for our help in God only, then we can be both joyful AND happy! 

Happiness is okay! Happiness is meant for us! 

If you’re one of those people who needs permission (I am) then let me help you. 

You have permission from God to be happy! You are allowed to enjoy life! 

If you only see the parts you think you’re missing, I encourage you to look at the Shunamite women in 2 Kings 4:8-34. She has no son and yet she lavishes love and hospitality on Elisha because she found that she enjoyed the presence of God that the prophet brought with him. She found happiness in the midst of otherwise hopeless circumstances and you can too. I can too. 

I am happy because the Lord wants me to be happy. My circumstances may not change. My situations may stay the same. But Jesus wants me to be happy in the midst of the trial. Lord replace our roots of bitterness with your garden of Happiness and sweetness and contentment!

Struggles that are overcome 

​It’s short today. 

Basically all of last month I fought through comparison. 

I fought it physically, comparing myself to other people’s appearances and trying to be like them. Trying to make my body do something it wasn’t designed to do. 

I fought it emotionally. Comparing my weakness to others (probably their strengths) and thinking I was wrong (I’m not, not when I’m feeling as God has me to) 

I fought it spiritually. I was asked to speak in a small way at an event. An event I cherish. An event where thousands of women from my state come. Can you say TERRIFIED! I fought my memories of past speakers and the expectations that I thought people would have. 
But all of these have been rendered useless as weapons against me. My physicality is that which God has designed. My emotions are that which God has ordained and blessed. My walk with Him is precious to Him and is different from everyone else. These same truths apply to you as well. 

I don’t know what you struggle with comparison over but I know we all have looked at someone else and said “I wish I was like them”

God has not designed us to be like each other, but to be more and more like HIM. 

I encourage you to stop striving to be someone else, be the person God has designed you to be. And be an imitator of Christ, not His creation.

I still have hourly reminders of what God says about me in His word and that has been an integral part of my movement forward. I still struggle in small small ways but I remind myself of the truths in God’s word and those struggles are overcome! 

Only through God’s word are those clingy pesky problems losing their grip on my heart and soul. Through God’s word, you can experience the same freedom. 


Love yourself

“You shall love your neighbor as yourself”

 Matthew 22:39

Don’t burn me at stake for title – there’s a reason for the title. 

This month for me is about loving myself so that I can truly love those around me. This isnt about loving myself above all else, this is about loving the creation of God that is, me. If God loves me, then I should love me. Flaws and all. 

As part of my self-love month challenge I created alarms that go off every hour to remind me what God says about me. And to remind me of the the phrases that are triggers of self-doubt; not to create self-doubt to counter it. 

I’ve always stopped worrying about my physical appearance so intently – it had become an idol of negativity for me as it is for so many people as well. 

This month challenge for me has a goal – At the end of the month I want to be able to say in full confidence that I love myself as I am, as God has created me to be and that confidence will not shaken or removed by anyone or any circumstance. 

People may have expectations and I will do my best to meet them but overall I must meet God’s expectations.

His expectations?

Micah 6:8 “He has shown you, O man [Insert your name], what is good; And what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.”

 If I do this everyday, in everything I do – from work to driving to interacting with my family to shopping to church to cooking to cleaning to whatever else – then I have met God’s expectations, and that is enough.

We must do this with God’s help, we cannot do this alone. You aren’t good enough to do this on your own, that is why you need Jesus. I’m not good enough on my own to do anything (except screw up), and I don’t like screwing up. So I need Jesus. 

No matter what I’m doing or how good I feel about my effort, I need Jesus to lead me and be my strength through it, to make whatever I am doing of Kingdom worth. To make the effect a lasting effect and brings a more clearer picture of Jesus who is to the people around me. 

Love yourself this month because Jesus loves you. When you know that Jesus loves you and you love you, then people around you will know that Jesus’ love is indeed real and is more than capable and WILLING of loving anyone. 


Here is a little reminder about God. 

It is something “small” that sometimes we simply trivialize. 

But we CANNOT make this amazing truth about God small. 

One – God is not small.  God created the universe which is ever expanding. A small God cannot make a universe that has no end.  (I love the ever expanding universe, so many mysteries and things to be discovered. Another physical analogy for God’s greatness)

Two – God is not trivial. Therefore nothing about Him is either. He is the one who made us, made the universe, made everything else in between and beyond that we don’t even know about yet. We get to delight ourselves in His vastness. “I like your muchness” (quote from life action Alice in Wonderland. I speak in movie quotes and it helps be my reminder. God I like your muchness)

God is good. (See why I prefaced it this way?)

We as long time Christians have made this great truth and reduced it to cliche status (I hate cliches, but I’m guilty of using them too)

But God is good. He is ALWAYS good. He never stops being good. 

Think about that for like 30 seconds – we have a hard time being good (nice to people, not giving into temptation, not thinking sinful thoughts, not saying sinful things) for like 30 minutes. (Trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I know I can’t make it 30  minutes)

Yet He never stops being good. He never stops having our best interests at heart. He never stops. He never sleeps. He is always good. 

Word it how you want so that it isn’t the cliche “God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good” 

Some people might get upset with me about this – I know how I perceive it when others tell that to me which means I’m not the only one to view it that way. While the phrase may have been over used, used by older Christians as a platitude, as a non-answer so that no one had to address the difficult situation before them, or simply as a Christian conversation filler ; this does not negate the truth in that phrase.

That God is good. He did not put evil in the world – he is not evil. He is good in that he gives us the choice between him who is always good and the devil that is allowed in the world. Evil is allowed so that God is chosen. Evil has its judgement day coming very soon. Make no mistake about that. Evil only had right now before sentencing and imprisonment. Good has now and forever. 


My spirit is overflowing with this not and sorrow that I have been guilty of trivializing God in His goodness. 

Lord Jesus, forgive us for forgetting that you are good. You are always good. You never stop being good. Forgive us for placing you in a box of our making – the box being our definition of what we think good is. Jesus show us what your goodness is. Reveal your goodness to us and through us. Help us to remember this at all times. The fun times, the sad times, the painful, the pain free, the numb times, the stressed times, the quiet times, the overwhelming times, and everything else in between. You are good. You are always good. You never stop being good God. We by God ourselves at your feet to see your goodness. To experience your goodness in a way that we never have before.  

Be blessed in your adventures – I encourage you to find the way to phrase it that it speaks to you and that you can say it that doesn’t make you feel like you’re saying a cliche.  For me it is as I have repeated. God you are good. You are always good. You never stop being good. Thank you for being good.  I added that last little bit. 

Here is the song that sparked this within me. I love this particular singer (the passion and sings with gets me excited and motivates me to sing that passionately about Jesus!) I also love the simplicity of this song. It has been my theme for well over a year. In case the link doesn’t work, it is the shorter version of King of my heart sing by Jeremy riddle and Steffany Gretzinger