Word of Faith

I was scared to share it.  Still am. It makes me vulnerable because then it is what if God doesn’t come through?

A while ago (sometime in the past few months) God asked me to post the word of faith that He gave me, to share it with people other than my family AKA y’all.

I was scared to share it.  Still am. It makes me vulnerable because then it is what if God doesn’t come through? Did I hear wrong? Am I putting my faith into a false hope? Then I realized this whole conversation is stupid.

If I believe God told me the word of faith and that He told me to share it, it is in my best interest to do just that. Because even if I did hear wrong, it shows I’m willing to be obedient even when it may make me look a fool or be wrong.

So here we go.

At the beginning of June, I was praying over my husband to come (still not here…yet) and I felt in my heart that Jesus said 6 months. June (1), July (2), August (3), September (4), October (5), November (6) – 6 months. November is almost over. I don’t quite know if this six months is when I was supposed to meet him, get into a relationship with him, or it is the last six months without him. Don’t know. But there is that.

The other things were that He would remove 5 inches off of me physically – width wise, not height wise – to improve my health. In August I came down with a horrendous and still unknown digestive issue that has caused a ridiculous amount of weight and inches loss. Right before this happened, He told me that He would be preparing my body to fit into my sister’s clothes (she is much smaller than me). He has. I have borrowed quite a number of her clothes. And I’m still getting smaller (no, I’m not trying or starving myself. There is something wrong with me and they don’t know what yet)

I would also be debt free. Completely. I originally only had faith for my credit card (hate that stupid thing, can’t wait for it to be gone) but He challenged me to have faith for my car, my school loan, and even my phone bill that still remains.


The order was 5 inches, debt free, and husband. That was the order.


When I approached my birthday ( I really did not want to be single for my birthday…still single and ready to flamingle) I was frustrated. He had given me a word about 7 into 8. Elijah sent his servant up to look for a cloud 7 times and on the 8th time, he saw the cloud. The cloud of promise. There are a few other instances that He gave me but this is the trendsetter. I was going from a 7 to an 8 and He gently reminded me of this 7 into 8 word. And then He laid on my heart (another 7 into 8) Leah and Rachel. Jacob worked 7 years for Rachel and then received Leah instead. However for Leah, her world changed literally overnight. And that is what he would do for me. That as I went from 7 into 8 age wise, my promise would come and that it would come basically overnight as it did for Leah.

I’m not quite sure how all of this will come to pass but all year long it has been “behold I do a new thing” and “my ways are not your ways, neither are my thoughts your thoughts, for my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts”


So there we go. Still pretty uneasy about letting this go through…now it is up to God to fulfill (if I heard correctly)


P.S. I’m also supposed to learn how to play the piano…that IS a work in progress…slow but in progress

One thought on “Word of Faith

  1. I absolutely love you! You are so precious to me! I don’t think you will ever realize just how much! I am so proud of you! I stand with you in your faith, and praying with you for God’s perfect will for your life.


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