Living with intention

This is the thought and my prayer for this month. To live with intention.

To love with intention.

To speak with intention.

That nothing would be idle or just a filler.

To be vulnerable with intention.

What I think of intention, I think of as purposeful. Not rushed. Not influenced by anyone else or how they feel. But confident in the actions being taken are the ones that will be finished in a proper manner.

This may cause me to slow down at things. But it will also free me from being over committed. And the events or things I do put effort into will be done better and more productively than if I were to have rushed through them.

I didn’t really have a bible story or verse in mind when I started writing but as I wrote, Jesus lived with intention and purpose. Not pushed around by the people or the events he found himself in.

Im reminded of the woman at the well. He intentionally chose that well at that time for. Her. He chose her with intention. He asked her intentional and purposeful questions and then answered her in like manner.

Intention. Purpose. Not driven by society’s standards or the other people’s opinions of her. He intentionally loved her as a daughter of God for indeed that is what she was.


Even in the routine and mundane, live intentionally. Live purposefully. God will use this time for His glory. Live as Jesus lives – intentionally, purposefully, and full of love cultivated from a close relationship with His Father, or Heavenly Father. Allow yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit, His intentions always lead you and others closer to the throne of God.


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