Struggles that are overcome 

​It’s short today. 

Basically all of last month I fought through comparison. 

I fought it physically, comparing myself to other people’s appearances and trying to be like them. Trying to make my body do something it wasn’t designed to do. 

I fought it emotionally. Comparing my weakness to others (probably their strengths) and thinking I was wrong (I’m not, not when I’m feeling as God has me to) 

I fought it spiritually. I was asked to speak in a small way at an event. An event I cherish. An event where thousands of women from my state come. Can you say TERRIFIED! I fought my memories of past speakers and the expectations that I thought people would have. 
But all of these have been rendered useless as weapons against me. My physicality is that which God has designed. My emotions are that which God has ordained and blessed. My walk with Him is precious to Him and is different from everyone else. These same truths apply to you as well. 

I don’t know what you struggle with comparison over but I know we all have looked at someone else and said “I wish I was like them”

God has not designed us to be like each other, but to be more and more like HIM. 

I encourage you to stop striving to be someone else, be the person God has designed you to be. And be an imitator of Christ, not His creation.

I still have hourly reminders of what God says about me in His word and that has been an integral part of my movement forward. I still struggle in small small ways but I remind myself of the truths in God’s word and those struggles are overcome! 

Only through God’s word are those clingy pesky problems losing their grip on my heart and soul. Through God’s word, you can experience the same freedom. 

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