Here is a little reminder about God. 

It is something “small” that sometimes we simply trivialize. 

But we CANNOT make this amazing truth about God small. 

One – God is not small.  God created the universe which is ever expanding. A small God cannot make a universe that has no end.  (I love the ever expanding universe, so many mysteries and things to be discovered. Another physical analogy for God’s greatness)

Two – God is not trivial. Therefore nothing about Him is either. He is the one who made us, made the universe, made everything else in between and beyond that we don’t even know about yet. We get to delight ourselves in His vastness. “I like your muchness” (quote from life action Alice in Wonderland. I speak in movie quotes and it helps be my reminder. God I like your muchness)

God is good. (See why I prefaced it this way?)

We as long time Christians have made this great truth and reduced it to cliche status (I hate cliches, but I’m guilty of using them too)

But God is good. He is ALWAYS good. He never stops being good. 

Think about that for like 30 seconds – we have a hard time being good (nice to people, not giving into temptation, not thinking sinful thoughts, not saying sinful things) for like 30 minutes. (Trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I know I can’t make it 30  minutes)

Yet He never stops being good. He never stops having our best interests at heart. He never stops. He never sleeps. He is always good. 

Word it how you want so that it isn’t the cliche “God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good” 

Some people might get upset with me about this – I know how I perceive it when others tell that to me which means I’m not the only one to view it that way. While the phrase may have been over used, used by older Christians as a platitude, as a non-answer so that no one had to address the difficult situation before them, or simply as a Christian conversation filler ; this does not negate the truth in that phrase.

That God is good. He did not put evil in the world – he is not evil. He is good in that he gives us the choice between him who is always good and the devil that is allowed in the world. Evil is allowed so that God is chosen. Evil has its judgement day coming very soon. Make no mistake about that. Evil only had right now before sentencing and imprisonment. Good has now and forever. 


My spirit is overflowing with this not and sorrow that I have been guilty of trivializing God in His goodness. 

Lord Jesus, forgive us for forgetting that you are good. You are always good. You never stop being good. Forgive us for placing you in a box of our making – the box being our definition of what we think good is. Jesus show us what your goodness is. Reveal your goodness to us and through us. Help us to remember this at all times. The fun times, the sad times, the painful, the pain free, the numb times, the stressed times, the quiet times, the overwhelming times, and everything else in between. You are good. You are always good. You never stop being good God. We by God ourselves at your feet to see your goodness. To experience your goodness in a way that we never have before.  

Be blessed in your adventures – I encourage you to find the way to phrase it that it speaks to you and that you can say it that doesn’t make you feel like you’re saying a cliche.  For me it is as I have repeated. God you are good. You are always good. You never stop being good. Thank you for being good.  I added that last little bit. 

Here is the song that sparked this within me. I love this particular singer (the passion and sings with gets me excited and motivates me to sing that passionately about Jesus!) I also love the simplicity of this song. It has been my theme for well over a year. In case the link doesn’t work, it is the shorter version of King of my heart sing by Jeremy riddle and Steffany Gretzinger

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