These past few weeks have been a mix of joy and sorrow.

More joy than sorrow.

Brain surgeries, people leaving the church, painful misunderstandings.

New members at church, new friendships, new vehicles, new ministries, new revelations from God, new fervor for the Lord.

I just want to encourage each one of us, to enjoy the goodness of the Lord whenever you can. If you do not take the time to enjoy the good times, then the bad times are not balanced out.

We all have those sorrowful moments – deep sorrow, fear, doubt – and those are going to happen. However, the outpouring of God’s goodness is what makes those moments enjoyable!

You can say the pain comes in the night but joy comes with the morning. Hold on to the last good thing that increased your joy in the Lord and enjoy the new one that is to come!

There is always a new outpouring of Gods goodness to come – we must enjoy it.

There is a story in the old testament about King Saul’s army. King Saul and his army have the attacking army on the run after fighting all day. King Saul makes a decree that anyone who eats or drinks anything before the army is overtaken. Well King Saul’s son did not know about the decree and ate some honey he found in the forest.

It is discovered and the men who are exhausted bring him forward for having broken the King’s decree. Johnathan makes his case “did my eyes not brighten when I ate the honey?”

ENJOYING THE LORD’S GOODNESS IS BRIGHTENING TO OUR LIVES! It is time to enjoy the Lord’s goodness and not walk around like a bunch of sour bills who call ourselves Christians.

Bad days happen – God is always good.

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