Acts 17:26-28

You belong here. Simple as that. 

God plants us according to the time and seasons that will be for glorifying to Him. 

It is all about Jesus. We can never forget that. We have access to the Father because of Jesus. We will not die if we go through Jesus. Our temporary problems become smaller in comparison with Jesus! It is always all about Jesus. 

He has placed you exactly where you are for His purposes! If you are in a dangerous or harmful situation – He does no thing to cause harm but always uses what the devil intends as bad for good. He has placed you and HE IS WITH YOU! 

We are here for a reason. To love Jesus. When that is our first priority, then everything else falls into place.

Finances – love Jesus with your tithe. The 90% will go further than the 100%.

Relationships (friendships or otherwise) – love Jesus with your responses. A gentle word turns away wrath. Love your neighbor as yourself. You don’t want someone yelling at you, don’t do it to them. Speak kindly or not at all. 

Time – love Jesus first. Jesus got up early to spend time with God. I get up early to spend time with God because HE is my priority. Purposefully set aside some time to pray and read the Word.

Body – love Jesus by honoring His definition of purity and marriage. Purity – no sex before marriage. This means none physically OR watching it (yes regular movies are included in that) OR replaying it in your mind. This sin God’s against you directly. Marriage – God intended for one man and one woman. Anything other than this is an unholy attempt to fill a holy void.  Loving Jesus with your body also takes the form in taking care of your body. Not doing harmful things to it (overeating, drugs, alcohol) God has made your body to be magnificent – try not to taint it. If younhave , ask for forgiveness and STOP! Don’t keep doing the bad. 

These things don’t disqualify you from being a Christian but what I’m saying is, if people can’t tell you apart from the rest of the world because you aren’t loving Jesus in every area, then what has Jesus done and why do they need him? 

These areas of honoring and loving Jesus make your life soooooo much better. It frees you from the worry everyone has when they don’t honor God in these areas. 

Something to think about – honoring God in every area. 

You are here for a reasonm. You aren’t an accident. 

You are created for a purpose.


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