Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Love the Lord your God with all your heart. 

This isn’t an option to give God only one part of our hearts, of our lives – it is God’s intention for us to give everything we are to Him. Is he greedy? No God has need for nothing. Is he jealous? Yes. He loves you so much, he wants all your attention. 

We think it’s cute when our dogs/pets or kids are jealous for our attention, yet when God, the one who created us and our attentions, is jealous for our time – that in unacceptable or impossible to do with our busy lives. Bologna. 

But we give our everything to God because He gave everything for each one of us. Us as a collective  of humans (not the borg – where are my trekkies) and each of us individually. He gave us His son – part of himself and all of himself at the same time, for us. And we can’t give Him his attention and time. 

We are charges with loving God with everything because without Him, we have nothing. 

People should see the difference between those who merely acknowledge God and those who have given everything to Him. Giving everything doesn’t always look the same. 

Sometimes it is seen in a missionary. They have given up moving where they want, in the culture they want, etc. Giving everything to God. Sometimes it is seen in a pastor. His/her full time job – hearing from God and listening to our issues. (There is more I know #PKLife but that is a lot of what happens). And yet sometimes it is seen in your co-worker who abstains from crude jokes, from gossip, from swearing (yes it’s in the biblie, let no un-wholesome talk come out of your mouths), abstain from alcohol or drugs or any kind, who honors even when humiliated, respects everyone. None of that is easy, but the profit of it by giving it to God is worth so much more than the ease of giving in. Your mind and mouth are clean – no one can accuse you. You havent been gossiping so no kids or rumors. You aren’t in anything that would flag a tox screen that would be cause for immediate unemployment or jail time. Your boss knows to trust you for always being honorable and respectful.

Is it easy? Hardly ever. Is is worth it? OF COURSE!

When we love Jesus with our whole hearts and minds and spirits and strength then He can fill us with His heart, His mind and thoughts, His spirit, and His strength. He can fill us because we have emptied ourselves to Him. 

Lord we empty ourselves out at your feet. We love you with everything – we need only you Father. We are emptied for you to do with as you please. Fill us, use us, whatever your will is Lord – we submit. We submit to you on God. You are Holy and Worthy!


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