James 2:14-24

God is the promise give and the promiseĀ fulfiller!

Todays passage was about faith with works.

It isn’t one or the other – it is a mixture of both. 

I will tell you a very personal illustration what this means to me, this mixture lifestyle of faith and acting out your faith.

In my life, there is a promise. A promise that when fulfilled involved a celebration. This celebration will be sudden and most likely expensive. I live in faith of this fulfilled promise every day. I act out this faith by saving and purchasing decorations for this celebration that will not change. 

Abraham did the same – his promise was to be fulfilled in Isaac. God asked him to sacrifice Isaac. He in faith believed that the promise would still be fulfilled in Isaac. He acted this out by taking sacrifice materials for the fire. And Isaac but no other alternative sacrifice. He lived and after out faith in the promise from God. 

I look to Abraham for the same living by and acting out my faith in my promise. I do not look to alternative as He did in Hagar but I do hold steadfast to my promise and keep preparing in faith.

God is the promise give and the promise fulfiller!

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