James 1:22-27

Speak praise not complaining

Im a huge fan and advocate of everyone being an active part in some sort of ministry. You should definitely not be spiritually fat with all this knowledge but no walking out to work it off.

The above is funny and true. You need to eat and exercise spiritually (and physically but I’m not telling anyone about their health when I have health issues) 
But with this particular passage got me on bridle my tongue. Today my tongue lit fires because I was upset

What ever gave me the right to give free reign to my tongue? Nothing! Just because I’m upset or offended gives me no right to spread nasty (albeit true) things.

I shouldn’t be offended or upset in the first place. 

It convicted me about my testimony and how in my recent and long extended state of indebtedness – I have tainted it. 

Lord Jesus forgive me for personally tainting the image and glorious truth of who you are and what you have done. I’m undone as in my justifications mean nothing in the light of you. Father help me to speak praise and not complaining!

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