Matthew 7:21-23

There are lots of people who do things in God’s name and they are not His will.

Murdering in any way – not God’s will. (Leave the war subject alone – it’s touchy for me, please. I’m talking about shooting someone in the face, etc. That kind of murder. And abortion- say what you want, it is not your body, there is a physical barrier between your body and the baby’s body so there is my view on that) 

Sleeping around – not God’s will.

Drunkenness – not God’s will.

Gossiping and spreading discord and dissension – not GOd’s will. 

But how would we know unless someone told us? Well lucky for us, He did. We have to be in God’s presence and Word to know what His will is. It may not be clear cut – take this job, marry this person, but this car, etc. – but it is clear cut as to what is pleasing in God’s sight for those subjects mentioned above. 

You can have the scriptures memorized “we cast demons out in your name” but not spend any time with Jesus and still not be able to get into heaven. Not my words, Jesus’. 

It is two food – know the Word and spend time with the Author. 

You may be able to fool some people about your spirituality or relationship with God, but the moment you encounter someone who is in constant communication with God the Holy Spirit will reveal the false perception. 

There is a thing in our house – Dad knows things. Things he shouldn’t know because we didn’t tell anyone. He knows because the Holy Spirit reveals them to him. No my dad is not a psychic – please. But when it comes to revealing a falsehood or mal intentions, there is Godly revelation that is meant to bring restoration, reconciliation, and repentance. A psychic is after deception and your money. Don’t be broke and snowed by a showman. 

I know we are busy people – time is limited. That is why it is so precious as to what we spend it on. If you have to, get up earlier to spend time in the word. Go to your room earlier to worship. Worship in the shower or while you’re doing the dishes. You’re reading this so you have access to the internet – open an audio bible (Bible Gateway or YouVersion are free) and listen while you’re cleaning or working. Get the time in with Jesus. The more you know His word the easier is to tell when He is speaking of when the devil (or yourself) are trying to deceive you. 

The bible encourages us to test every spirit against the Word. If the spirit doesn’t like with the Word, he doesn’t like up to get into your life. If it lines up with the Word and what you’ve been praying, next in line to board the ME train thank you. 

It is important that we know God, we spend time with God, to act out our love for God genuinely. It isn’t a show of performance, it is a lifestyle that doesn’t change whether you are at home alone, surrounded by your family, at work, in your car, at the grocery store, at church. We must know God, we were designed for it but He must also know us. Meaning we keep the relationship fresh through prayer and worship. He has done everything necessary to pursue us first (the cross), how we just pursue in return (prayer and worship).

This relationship should not be stagnant – it is to be refreshing and peaceful to you and others around you. When people encounter you and you’re filled with Jesus, they encounter the Prince of Peace – an experience they may never have known if not for your constant relationship with Jesus and the divine appointment he had set before the foundations of the earth.


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