Hebrews 3:1-6

God is supposed to have the glory 

He is the one whom is glorious and worthy of glory 

It isn’t supposed to be us or the earth that gets the praise for being glorious on our own. This passage says the builder of the house has more glory than the house itself. For us it means we are the house and the builder (God) is to receive the glory for His craftsmanship in us. 

Christ himself is he who will keep us, he is faithful. There is no disputing His faithfulness, it is ours which fluctuates 
These facts are true. But I’m struggling at grasping the meaning of the passage and how it is meant to help me abide in Christ. 

I suppose for me in current situation that it isn’t about me. It is about jesus. I could very easily slip into a price filled lifestyle. But I don’t want to. Haughty people bother me – so I don’t want to be the one who steals the glory from God. 

It is Jesus who has provided everything I have ever needed, everything I ever will. Including physical needs, work skills, knowledge, wisdom, relationship skills, breathe in my kungs, full functioning body, the car I drive, the job I work at, I could keep going. But the point is – I have nothing to my name. It all belongs to Jesus. 

He is the builder of this house (me) and the house never owns anything. It merely is a vessel that it is kept in. The belongings inside are under the ownership of the builder and owner of the house. He is the builder of me and he owns me. He died for me. I owe him my life.

This may not be what this passage is meant to convey but it is a reminder to me that it is about Jesus and the glory is His. The glory should never stay with me. It should shine off of me because of the time and the honor I give him but it never comes from anything I’ve done. 

When you spend time with  Jesus then you will shine like Jesus. Moses’ shone after spending time with God. That is what we are supposed to do. Shine from our time with Jesus! 

Shine because of Jesus; from your time and for His glory.

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