Philippians 2:1-5

Do everything as in one accord

Do nothing from selfish ambition

Look to the interest of others

Have this mind which is yours in  Christ Jesus 
Short sweet and to the point tonight I’m afraid

When there is unity, there is peace. We just came out of a situation where there was not unity within a group, it was miserable. Jesus told us not be unequally yoked in marriage, in belifs, in the body, but to be yoked with Him. If everyone yoked with Jesus there will be unity. Unity is irreplaceable when it co see to ding successful at anything, especially ministry. People can see tension or the lack of spiritual unity. The Holy Spirit is able to move more freely when the body is unified, people can tell when it is there and when it is not. 

Unity is imporgant! 

Jesus out others first constantly. He made sure his relationship with His Father was unaffected before ministering. But when he ministered he never considered himself, his feelings, his agenda, his anyghing! It was God’s will and the people’s needs. 

What if we lived our life ensuring our relationship with God was solid before we ministered? And when we ministered it was with everything we Have? I think the church soul be u stoppqble, powered by the Holy Spirit!

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