Job 22:21-22

Every time I read the reference for Job, I think of the first mission impossible. “job 3:14?” If you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about , if you haven’t – educate yourself! 

There is work tomorrow – I’m not ready for it yet I think but go I must. God has planted me here at this place for a purpose; I can either right against and forge my own painful path of agree with God and be at peace. I’ve been in times of peace and war and much prefer times of peace. 

Thank you Jesus that you are the Prince of peace!

Agreeing with God, for me, is saying “Lord, you see all. I do not know all the answers or situations or outcomes – you do! Whatever your plan is I am yours! Whatever my part is, I’m willing! Whatever I’m to say, my voice will not be silent!” This is not easy, most times it isn’t. But it does get more exciting because God always has something more exciting on the other side of that sacrifice! So each time – oooo I can’t wait to see what God has in store after this! 

 HE promise that good will come to us! So it isn’t a guessing game – an I going to get bad things or good things if I give this up? It is always good! Good because you are giving up something that is hindering you from growing in Jesus. Good because it will be replaced by something even better! And good because it is from Jesus and every good and perfect gift comes from him.

This will be my goal for the week – to agree with God and be at peace. 

Lord, we honor you for you are holy. You are all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful and worthy of praise! We agree with your plan for our lives, we accept it, we receive it, and we will be at peace with it! Thank you for your good and perfect will for our lives!

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