James 4:7-10

Sorry devil – you lose. Each and every time, the battle and the victory is the Lords! 

This is probably one of my favorite verses and surrounding passages.

See my parents have trained me to constantly make sure I am in the will of God, to pray over everything. Not to just go out on a whim. That is not the way I have been trained in the Lord and therefore I try very hard to be 100% sure I am in the will of God. Not by bending my circumstances into some sort of convoluted imitation of God’s will, but by bending my knee and will to His supremacy.

There is no better place than to be in the center of God’s will. This applies to everything, big or small. Job, car, house, possessions, which way to travel, when to travel, how to travel, who to marry, the bringing up of your children, etc.

I view my life as such: God paid for it through Jesus. I can either go with the amazing plan God has laid out before the foundations of the earth (let that sink in – God planned today for each one of us with all our circumstances, situations, feelings, etc. before he even formed the core of the earth. He has known us backwards and forwards before the earth was created. WHAT?!  I don’t know about you, but my God is pretty amazing and He loves me! He loves you! He is all powerful and IS love simultaneously.

So my day to day – “God, which way do I travel to work? God what do I complete first? And after that? God what do you want me to worship to? God what do you want to pray about? God what do I write about? God what do I do about this situation? God how do you want me to approach this circumstance? God I’m upset at this situation but you’ve planted me for a reason and a season, help me to submit tonight good and perfect will!” 

 Granted, some days I don’t pray those things because I try to enact my own will over God’s – when that happens usually I lose a lot of ground and feel useless. So throughout the day it is a realignment of my spirit underneath God’s will. 

It’s like in the recent remake of Star Trek, the second movie with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Benedict cumberbatch. The core is misaligned and thereby disabling the ship. The core has to be realigned. Captain Kirk sacrifices his safety to go into the radioactive core and forcefully realign the core. He is exposed to a lethal amount of radiation and eventually dies…well he’s mostly dead. They revive him with Khans blood and thus the day was saved. I love star trek…and nerdy things. NO JUDGEMENT! 

But the point is: We have to sacrifice our wills so that our spirit may be aligned with Gods spirit so that we can move forward. Our flesh must die and not be reborn – submitting to God is vital! Everything else follows, but when we submit to God we will automatically resist the devil and he will flee because He has nothing to tempt us with. You can’t tempt someone with a facade when the real deal is already in their possession. 

Sorry devil – you lose. Each and every time, the battle and the victory is the Lords! 

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