John 14:15-25

So God has revealed something to me about me – I have bound myself. This month was to get closer to God, to cleanse my heart from anger (yeah I have a serious anger issue, but it’s leaving), and to learn to abide in Jesus everyday, in every situation.

But I haven’t been and as a result I have not been getting rid of the anger because I have bound myself. I have bound my tongue not with praises of Jesus or speaking in tongues (yeah I’m Pentecostal and super friggin proud of it! I’m a crazy Jesus cream and act as such) but instead with complaining. Complaints of work, church, the condition of the house, situations that haven’t happened, have already happened, my car, my famkly, I mean the list goes on. 

It’s disgusting. Because this complaining automatically gets me angry. So…That is what He revealed to me. 

He showed me this because He has sent the Holy Spirit to lead us (verses 16-17) and to dwell inside us. I need the Holy Spirit. He is who leads me through EVERYTHING and I have shut Him out with my complaining. 

Holy Spirit, you are welcome in my heart to overtake my lips and tongue, to overtake my everyday and routine in life for your purposes. To glorify Jesus our King at every opportunity. Holy Spirit burn our hearts so that which is old flesh has died and will not regrow. We remove the complaining from our lips and anger from our hearts so you may come in and have your way. HAVE YOUR WAY OH LORD! WE GIVE YOU PERMISSION! WE OPEN OURSELVES TO YOU! Thank you Jesus for hearing us as we cry for more of your spirit!

Not my image but it’s fitting 

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