Revelation 3:14-22

Jesus thank you for keeping your children safe and secure in your presence. So many things could have happened and were close to us physically, yet we were unscathed and unharmed. Thank you Lord!

There have been a lot of close calls and bad things happening around me and my family – nothing directly affecting us, but they have been emotionally taxing and spiritually a distraction. Lord keep us focused on your will that you have set aside for each of us specifically.

So these few verse, pretty normal and popular passage – lukewarm church Laodicea. But it was a gentle reminder from Jesus today to not give up at giving all that I am into loving Him.

My love for him comes out in my job (I hope), dealing with my co-workers (I pray), my ministry and work at the church, time with my family, and relationships with friends and such. He is the one thing in my life that is worth anything, yet some days I think in invincible.

If anyone has seen Goldeneye (pierce brosnan’s first James Bond movie) near the end, a character stands up after a huge explosion and more of equipment crashes around him and yells his signature phrase “I AM INVINCIBLE!” To only then be frozen by containers of liquid nitrogen that exploded. 

 I don’t want to have to be spiritually frozen to say “no you’re not, calm down. It’s me who has this and you need to remember that.” 

 But I need that. I could so easily get a big head and forget where the wisdom, strength, and creativity comes from, but the Lord reproves me and disciplines me when I start thinking like that. He doesn’t do it because he’s mean or spiteful, he does it because He loves me and you knows what is best for me.

So it is back to the one thing – Jesus. Love Him with everything you have, you are, you can do. He is the whole reason for living – to worship Him and to be loved by Him. He is not a god who demands worship but gives nothing in return, but rather He is God who is enthroned on the praises and worship of His people, who when is enthroned rules with peace and justice and wisdom and loves us even in our mess. 

I’ve linked a song which is so sweet. The melody is light and peaceful but it is all about keeping Jesus as our one thing. If it didn’t work cause – technology – it is “You are My One Thing” by Bethel from the ‘We will not be shaken’ CD


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