1 John 2:18-28

Have you ever been determined to stay up through a movie or until a certain time? And then your body just says “LOL nope! You’re exhausted and now it is time to sleep!” 

 it’s frustrating but necessary for your physical body.

But this cannot be with our spiritual bodies. We cannot fall asleep now – there are so many lost people who are starving without even knowing it, who are looking for a person to have real faith through thick and thin. 

Real faith that is without the long list of do’s and don’ts. We live by boundaries because we love Jesus and He knows what is best for us. Other religions (speaking very vaguely here, I’m no expert while I have studied several other religions.My knowledge is limited but qualified for what I’m about to say), require so many different actions to prove your loyalty to their cause. And if you are part of polytheism (many gods) such as Buddhism or Hinduism – you can offend one god while trying to please another. These religions have ever changing rules. 

We have the Bible which is constant throughout – God is love but He is also just, wise, and righteous. These never change for He never changes. When people are faced with so many alternatives that will never fill the void, it is up to us as Bible believing Christians to show them what it means to have your spiritual void filled by the one who created you. 

Neither can we be received by these other religions or worldly arguments. We must be as gentle as doves (seeing people as God sees them) but as wise as serpents (being led by the Holy Spirit to know truth and lie). Deceptions are the devils specialty. We must be wise against them.

That wisdom only comes from spending time in the Word, spending time in worship to Jesus, spending time in prayer and listening to God as He speaks to you in return. 

We must remain diligent and disciplined. Have you heard “once a marine, always a marine?” Personally – my brother was in the army so Go Army but for this purpose we will use the Marines. So for us as Christians – once a soldier, always a soldier. Working out our spiritual muscles, keeping our reflexes sharp, our instincts in tune, spending time with our spiritual soldier brothers to learn from them, etc. The metaphor could go on and on. 

 We cannot give up now. it’s so easy because it’s so difficult – everything seems to go wring. The wrongness is only temporary – Jesus is returning and He will take us up to where there is never any wrong. There will only be God and whatever He has deemed heaven to be. Heaven is the mystery/surprise I want to open at the opportune moment and not try to spoil it by guessing. 

Jesus, We open our lives to your Holy Spirit. So that by being led by Holy Spirit, we may see as doves by act as wise as serpents. Testing every spirit to see if it comes from the throne room, oour own wicked hearts, or the devil. By your protection we will be wise and unable to be deceived. Thank you for your presence Holy One! 


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