Galatians 2:15-21

Happy mother’s day! 

I’m a dog mom so it counts! Celebrate in being a mom of some kind 

This passage is difficult today. Not the application or because of the day but because of the topic, it can easily be misunderstood and misapplied.

It can be boiled down to law vs grace in its barest form but there is more meat than that gives credit. 

What I see in this, in this moment is not a life of living by do’s and don’ts not is it a life living in abuse of God’s grace, but rather a lived with the realization that my life is not mine. I was a slave to sin, with no choice of which life I could lead. 

Jesus died for me, he paid for my freedom. Free to choose. Free to live as He wills or not. 

So it is no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me, giving me freedom within me to be His. 

I am His, my life is not my own and I am at peace with that. His journey may take a winding path, it may be steep, sloping, flat, or seem backward – but it will NEVER be a lonely path or a path not been walked and before by Jesus. 

When you live with God’s will for your life as your main priority, the argument or topic of law vs grace diminishes. There are those that are not there yet and for those, the discussion must be had by someone who is more enabled by God to work that knot out. I’m not saying I’m unable or unwilling,  but simply – for me, in this season, in this moment I care about living according to Jesus’ example and God’s will, being led and guided by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus we ask for your grace to live according to your example as you fulfilled the law. We put your first and you are all we need. You are enough and we give you our everything 


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