John 8: 31-47

Truth is not relative not is it dead. It is absolute and it is living – personified in Jesus. He is our truth. What he says about us is true – pleasant or unpleasant. 

Pleasant: children of God, love by God, co-heirs with Christ, protected by God, etc. The bible is full of the pleasant things God has to say about us and over us. 

Unpleasant: when we lie, we are children of the devil – hold up, WHAT?! “That ain’t good! ” (movie quote) 

Lies. I hate them. I hate them when they are told to me. I hate them when they are good about me. I hate them when they are about other people. I hate them when they come out of my mouth. I lie over so some of the stupidest things! Things I have no shame telling people, except when I’m caught off guard or it just slips out. It’s a disgusting habit which makes no sense and when it comes up, it eats me alive inside. 

This week, an off guard question about something I have no problem talking about and my answer was not definite and led this person to believe a falsehood. For me, that is the equivalent of lying. My vagueness led to a misconception and inaccurate perception of reality. I did it purposefully; I lied. Tomorrow is the first opportunity to make it right – it will be. I cannot continue my walk thinking it will go away when it will only grow and hinder my growth and walk with the Lord. Remember, stay humble? This is another thing about humility – admitting when you are wrong. 

Lies. They are a cancer overtaking every system; a virus that consumes all of you; a weed that chokes the life of God’s planting (you). None of that has to remain. It can be eradicated, there is a cure – stop lying. Ask for forgiveness from God. Ask for forgiveness from those whom you have lied to – side note: I don’t believe that rehashing the lies is required, merely an accurate representation of the situation. Then forgive yourself. 

Forgiving yourself is something that I’m only just now learning and putting into practice. It is AMAZING! And so important! It is not prideful to forgive yourself, it is prideful to hold that over your own head when Jesus has already declared that sin forgiven and forgotten. Forgiving yourself frees you from any future guilt that the devil may attempt to use against you in the future. 

If the Sin sets you free, then you will be free indeed. Jesus has declared us free, He dwells inside of us meaning we have freedom within us, don’t tell yourself or allow the devil to tell you any differenent. 

Forgiveness is powerful – it’s the cross. That is the most powerful weapon on the earth – the beauty of the cross, of Jesus’ unending, unyielding, unconditional forgiveness. It is beautifully powerful. 

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