Matthew 6:1-8

If you ever need a piece of humble pie, read this passage. 

Reading it tonight was an immediate “check yourself before you wreck yourself” moment. It convicted me of my attitude at work and in church. That I personally need to be careful of not waving my spirituality around like a male peacock with all his feathers. “Look at me, I’m spiritual you’re not.” Ummm that’s ugly and no one likes it. God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. I want to be like a dove, simple beauty and no parades.

 Lord, we need your grace to work in our jobs, to minister to other people, and just not to lose it on our families. 

To receive and use His grace (and to not abuse it!), humility is key. Humility is not weakness, humility is strength. Anyone can yell, swear, defend themselves when accused, gossip, accuse – that takes no special skill. Humble persons either speak softly when accused or don’t speak at all; refer to Jesus’ “trial” of when he speaks very little of not at all. That is strength; that is humility. I like to remember in Proverbs, a gentle word turns away wrath.

I know that’s not a very good definition, I can only think of work situations and that might quickly turn into gossip – so me knowing my tendencies, the above example is what you get. And who’s better than Jesus to learn from? 

Anywho, moving on – my nugget of wisdom for me and you if you want to use it is 

Don’t be a peacock parading your spirituality around, be a dove who is simply beautiful with no theatrics. Let your actions speak louder than you could ever yell.



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