Psalm 25:15-21

Keeping ones eyes fixed on the Lord is way difficult

So many things to distract you. That is the intention of the devil – to entice and distract you from your purpose – serving the Lord with everything that you have, including your full vision.

For me, I take a little pride in my ability to observe and to take in my surroundings. My brother was in the military so I picked up from him, Sherlock by BBC is one of my all time favorites to watch and rewatch so I picked up from there, and I simply trained my mind to remember things about where I am. Not boasting cause I’m a simple novice when compared to others. But there are times when I am so focused on the surroundings that I fail to see the actual object of situation in front of me. I miss the tree for the forest so to speak.

We may be able to afford this in real life, to be distracted, but we cannot do this in our spiritual lives. The time is so close to Christ’s return that we cannot miss a single opportunity to pray with someone, to invite someone to church, to be the church outside the church. 

I’ve been in the church my whole life (#PKLife) and been following Jesus for a little bit now. I still don’t have this – not even close. I get distracted by so many things that cause me to worry instead of praying. I’ve never been one for blindness (while physically I have really bad eyesight), but I’m thinking about asking for some spiritual blinders. Keep this horse and carriage moving on towards heavens gates and the purpose for the day. Not missing the assignments placed before me (prayers with coworkers, invitations, praise moments) but rather missing the devils attempts to distract me from God. 

Father, increase our awareness of you and what you have for us. Increase our vision to see as you see – evil for evil, and your good and perfect will that is beyond compare. Let us not be too prideful to admit when we are wrong, instead let us seek to be at peace with all. Work hard at being at peace for blessed are the peacemakers. Sweet Lord, we fix our eyes on you. When we wander, lead us gently back; if we be stubborn, lead us as we need. Jesus thank you for being lifted up so that we may look upon you and be healed. 

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