Psalm 51:5-12

Okay confession time – hope not Catholic, Pentecostal all the way baby! Got that crazy love for Jesus! 

But for real, let me blunt with you – I fail daily in one of the other. Whether it is a willful disobedience or it is a failure to see what God has for me or revealing to me for me to defend against, I fail. Those are the most general categories my imperfections fall into. Today it was failure to defend myself u too the damage had been done. Thankfully God revealed His wisdom and I began to heal and receive training as to how to defend. 

I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m very much human, hated by Satan, and thankfully targeted by Him. You may disagree with me (totally fine, the ONLY correct one is God the Father so there! We are both wrong haha) but I hold the belief that Satan only targets those pose a threat. So if you aren’t under attack, you ain’t a threat. When it comes to the enemy, I want to be the female Chuck Norris to Him. But not because of me but because of my God. I try to do these things on my own – guess what? I ate dirt cause I fell on my face. So I know who my strength is.
Okay that aside, it actually was prep for the reading. We have to admit we are dirty and need to be cleaned. And not by bleach or ammonia – we need to be cleaned by the Lord and by His tools. His tool of choice was/is hyssop. Hyssop in those times was the cleansed of the day, not to get rid of dirt but to declare you ceremonial clean AKA spiritually clean. 

Hyssop me as HOLY herb. God chooses to cleanse us with Holiness. Holiness is not popular but it shouldn’t be. Meaning it means to be set apart, from the majority. So it’s very purpose is to make the few stand out. That is how God cleanses us – He makes us holy. 

Once clean, we will bear and bear joy, we will rejoice, and be free from the sin that once entrapped and dirtied us. We will be made new in His again – He is in the business of renewing us day by day, if we will let Him. 

We are sinners and as such should be away from God forever. That is help – separation from God’s presence for eternity. We are not meant to go there. That is not a place intended for us. Which is why V.11 is so dreadful. 

Cast me not from your presence – Lord, have mercy on us. Do not remove your presence. In your presence is life and fullness of joy.

Take not your Holy Spirit from me – to take the Holy Spirit away would be to remove the oxygen from my being. Lord God, you sent the Holy Spirit to us as a comfort and guide, we lean heavily upon Holy Spirit as was your intention. Pour out in greater measure, please do not lessen or remove. We beg you!

Jesus you are the joy of salvation, a relationship with you. It is beyond compare and worth more than we could ever pay. Thank you Jesus for cleansing us, keeping us in your presence, and sending Holy Spirit to us. We are most grateful, King of our hearts. Your name be praise above all other names. Thank you for each breath that we also return to you in praise and thanksgiving.

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