Psalms 139:7-12

At church today, the Lord reminded us as a congregation of His holiness and that when we seek Him only, everything we knit together on our own is undone and replaced with His perfect will.He reminded me to bring Him glory before I bring Him my selfish need or want. Father forgive us as a people for forgetting that you are HOLY. Father forgive me for putting me before you in my priorities. You are our first love and we return to you wholeheartedly.
We try to be sneaky, we try to hide, and still we fail. Sneak in sin, hide behind pride, and fail to come before Him completely and wholly unguarded. There is not greater freedom than standing before God in the ful knowledge and admittance of what we have done and to see Him extend us His love and forgiveness.

There is nothing you’ve done, and no place you can go, or have been to that God has not been there with you. And still He says “I love you. Walk with me on the path I have laid specific for you.” 

 There is no place we can go to get away from His presence. Not just His presence and His spirit, but it says “even there your hand shall lead me and your right hand shall hold me.” He is always and forever seeking a relationship with you and me where we look to Him with complete trust and obedience . There is no place to hide – He is the God who sees me, who sees you. He sees us as we were, as we are, and calls us as He sees who we will be. 

“Do you trust me?” Says the Lord “I am with you. Lean on me. Whatever darkness you face, I am there for even the darkness is as light to me.” 


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