1 John 1:5-6

Before we go any further – let me apologize for the spelling and or grammatical errors that have probably occurred in my previous posts. I am doing these posts really fast because my spirit is moving faster than my fingers can go…and it’s usually be later in the evening so I’m usually pretty tired. 

So today passage…it’s two verses…I had to go to the full context (the whole chapter – ten verses, nbd) to better understand the scriptures. Side note – thats a very good practice to begin when reading or researching – look at they said before and after. You would be surprised at what is that getting conveniently left out. Back to Jesus.

The message brought to us is that God has no evil or darkness in Him. He cannot have it – He did not create evil. Evil is the absence of God and His goodness. I think this is important to remember that God isn’t evil or maniacal, just waiting for you to screw up so He can accuse you. That is Satan who is doing that, He is called the accuser of the brethren for a reason. No, God is waiting for you to turn to Him with all your mistakes and for you to say “I’m sorry, please forgive me!” 

 The other part of this passage I think is applied to those of us who believe there is God, that He is the Sovereign Lord, just not the Lord over their life. I do not think this means we lie about our relationship with God when we stumble or call in our walk with Christ. Those are blunders of our human-ness, not willful acts of walking or participating in darkness or deeds of darkness. 

I pray that is clear – If we are choosing and truly practicing our walk and relationship with God, then we stumble or fall, God is there to pick us up and help us return to our journey with Him. If we are saying that we love Jesus but our actions (seen in public and unseen in private) are paving the way for evil to darken the path God paved for you so that you cannot see it, then that is when we are going and not practicing the truth. The truth being God is light, if we have God we will reflections of His light. If we say one thing but mean another – we are distorting His perfection and causing people to believe in a lie of who God is. I know we doing directly cause some kind to make a conscious decision (this isn’t inception). But if our words are of praise of Jesus and our actions are of disdain for His lordship, those who are watching will see that Jesus isn’t important enough to actually do what we are saying He is important enough to do. 

When will our actions speak louder than our words? When will the greatest testimony you could ever give to someone is done without words and done in mind acts? I’m not saying stop speaking – speak Jesus! Just know, you start speaking love of Jesus you should start acting out that same love He extends to you with the same motivation He has. And stick it out. You’ll be persecuted for sure, but Jesus is so worth it. 

Father help us to begin speaking and living out your Word and your unconditional love to those who both love us and hate us. We do not wish to lie about Your greatness or the  walk we have with You, help us to keep our feet sure and our eyes fixed on You and You alone. You are greater than anything we have seen, heard, tasted, imagined, and encountered – we give Youthe glory you deserve and the majesty of being our King and Lord over our lives. 

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