Psalms 46

Aren’t you tired of trying to do this life in your own? Fighting each day to keep hoping, keep trying to looking forward when it seems to all be falling apart around you? Life has to be more than going to work to pay bills and get a little happiness here and there until you’re old and then dead…right? That’s what we are looking for – a true light at the end of the tunnel. The “something better” in the horizon. If we could only keep running towards the light; unfortunately what we are doing in fact is building the tunnel longer and longer and longer as the light gets further and further away from us. 

The answer, the ONLY answer is Jesus. God who made the earth, the universe, and everything we know. He is what we are searching for because each day with Him is discovering where that life tunnel leads and each day is a new destination with different beauties to behold. Clearly I am speaking figuratively in that each day we chose God over every other possible distraction, He brings new things into our awareness so that we deepen our relationship with Him.

When we chose God when it is easy, choosing Him when it’s hard becomes easier. So when the whole world falls and mountains melt – the God who made the mountains stands unaffected and is our shelter! The Lord of Hosts is our refuge, He is with us, He is our fortress, and because of Him standing over us in protection, we will not be moved. 

It is difficult in this life with all its worries and cares to be aware that God is with us. Which is why He tells us to “Be still and know that I am God.” I’m not saying assume any particular position and become physical completely still – that’s impossible. Being still to know God requires no distractions ( pets, phones, computers, people, etc.) Early in the morning or late at night when everyone is asleep – Jesus did both throughout His life as situations permitted because He knew how important it was to retreat from everyone to be with God. Jesus lived a lifestyle of prayer and in between, did miracles.** If Jesus, the ONLY perfect man to be a every walked on the earth for alone to pray, we should definitely do likewise because we all fail in comparison. But thank Jesus for the cross which brings us into relationship with God the Father.

If you need to be still at work when you have people screaming at you – the next moment that you can, go to the bathroom or walk outside. Leave your phone. Speak a prayer OUT LOUD (it doesn’t have to be loud but it must be spoken for there is great power in the tongue) “Lord quiet my heart. My work world is not doing well. I trust in you. These are your people that you love, help me to see as you see. Help me to attack the problems facing me with your godly wisdom and strategy.” You don’t have to say that exactly but something like it. Just that minute long step away is enough for your spirit to come into alignment with God’s will. 

 Be still and know that I am God. The God who made the universe. The God who knows my heart inside and out. The God who is my refuge, my shelter, and my fortress. I Will be still before Him and trust in Him for He who promised is faithful.

**Not my quote, someone quoted someone else to me and I do not know the reference. It’s just AWESOME!

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