2 Peter 1:3-11

 It is meant to be more than the ordinary life of living outside God’s will; it is to be the extraordinary life of living inside God’s will!


As I read this passage I spoke it out and kinda preached myself into a tizzy with this! It was a quiet tizzy so I can keep my voice for tomorrow (this darn cold is trying to take my voice – no sir! Not today!) But it was a spiritual tizzy nonetheless

So the first two verses are about who called us (Jesus), why He called us, and what we are to do with that calling. Jesus has called you – He has called you to be closer and closer to Him. It does not matter who you are OR what you have done. God is longing for you to willing choose a relationship with Him. A relationship that is filled with His glory and excellence (not ours, ours sucks!) A relationship that has everything we need that pertains to life, a life of godliness, and a life of godliness filled with His promises. He has given us this life so that we can experience His divine nature and escape the world’s corruption. Not escape the world just being corrupted by it. 

We are called to a greater life than just living day by day for your own personal thrill. We are called to a higher purpose. We are called to a higher standard. It is meant to be more than the ordinary life of living outside God’s will; it is to be the extraordinary life of living inside God’s will!

It is for this reason (a godly life filled with His presence and His promises) that we must choose day by day to walk with Jesus and to walk with Him with purpose. Building up and compiling the characteristics that God has laid out for us, for us and for those around us. Faith, virtue, knowkedge, self-control, steadfastness, godliness, brotherly affection, and love. It’s not a one and done thing – it is every growing and a honing of these skills. It seems an insurmountable task to do all of them everyday yet there is an ease to it at the same time. Focus on one task day by day and they will build upon themselves inherently (meaning if you focus on self control one day you will have the beginnings of steadfastness with all the foundation of faith, virtue, etc.)

If we are doing this to grow closer to God and it is His aim for all to be close to Him then we must be proactive in these characteristics and their maintenance, for the purpose of remaining effective to those who are still looking for Jesus. People are looking for Jesus, there is no doubt, and they need to see Jesus in you. They need to see His goodness shining through you in every situation (good, bad, ugly, easy, difficult). 

Let us not give up the hope that our everyday walk with Jesus is leading people to Jesus. 

And let us remember that it is entirely up to them to make the choice of accepting Him or not. 

It is our calling to be in a relationship with Jesus and to show others how amazing it is – and what an amazing calling it is! Jesus is worth it every single time! 

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