Psalm 91

This is an extremely popular psalm, there are a lot of teachings and commentaries on it. I read none of them. If I say something someone else said – hey! That means we both are hearing from God! No plagiarism here!

I’m going to just plow on into it. Also I’m assuming you have read it or have it next to you. (I have it next to me as I write)

V.1 we must dwell in the shelter of God the Most High. We must sleep, eat, relax, laugh, cry, cleanse ourselves, clean around us, take responsibility, decorate, and enjoy ourselves in the shelter of God. When we do this (I know easier said than done) we will abide in the shadow of His wings. In the shadow means it is cooler there, it is under protection, it is small, and behind it. God takes the best so we can be cool. God is the protection so we can play carefree. God is much bigger than anything we could ever face (my daddy’s bigger than your daddy and can beat your daddy up!). God is before us – He is our main priority. He is the one people and the enemy encounters first. WHEN WE DWELL IN HIS SHELTER and DON’T LEAVE IT.

V. 2 we must speak out our trust for the Lord. There is power in words (life and death are in the tongue – paraphrase). God is worthy of our trust for He will deliver us. V.3. These things we are being delivered from are things we have been caught in – a snare, a trap.

V.4 Not only will Be deliver but He will also guard us because we are fragile. He is our protector and provider. We are weak so we must be protected by His faithfulness that is our shield and that which holds our armor together. 

V.5-8 we do not have to fear at night which means we can sleep peacefully. We do not have to fear in the day which means We can walk through life confidently and unafraid of that which only assails the body, we must be guarded against that which assails the soul. We do not have to fear sickness, for God is our healer. It all may be calling apart around you – But God will sustain you and you will be unscathed. We will see but not experience personally the pitfalls of the evil. 

V. 9-13 we don’t have to worry about any of those things because we have made our choice and it is not to worry. Our choice has been to put our trust in God. We choose to stay in His house, His protection. We have not removed ourselves by disobeying Him. We continue to choose Him and He will continually keep evil from us, sickness from us and our homes, order His angels to protect you at all times (dude! We have enormous angels following us and protecting us ALL THE TIME!) It says in all your ways (meaning us) but let me clarify. I believe this is saying that when we continually choose God and stay in His protection, our ways are His ways. His ways overshadow our ways and we stay along His ways.Make sense? We won’t go looking for trouble but when it arises, and it will, we will trample in underfoot for God is our protector and we will be following His ways.

V.14-16 Is God’s promise to us. He will deliver us, protect us, listen and answer us, be with us in all tjmes, reduce us, honor us, keep us in good health, and save us. We get all these wonderful benefits by simply staying in His protection. Not out of fear, but because we love Jesus. We put our trust in Him at every turn for He is faithful. 

I’m not afraid of the Lord, but neither do I think He is a quaint and safe God. He is MIGHTY, ALL POWERFUL, ALL KNOWING, and WORTHY OF OUR HONOR AND WORSHIP IN EVERY SEASON AND SITUATION. 

Thank you for your Word Father. We give the highest praise we mere humans can muster and look forward to participating in the endless praise that surrounds your throne!


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