May Abiding Challenge

Hi everyone! 

Just wanted to explain what’s going to be happening this month

Today is May 1, 2017

For the past few weeks, in all the areas of my life (church, work, personal, etc.) there have been A LOT of attacks from the enemy. Attacks on my mind, my heart, my emotional state – there has been little reprieve from them but the Lord has remained constant and faithful at my side throughout. 

As these attacks grew and fed off each other, the Lord kept calling me to sing and praise and be expectnt for the month of May to be the beginning of change. Change for the better, change in situations, and just simple changes in the areas of my life. 

So today is May 1 and it was extremely difficult. My pastor spoke on muting your mouth when you begin to complain or despise the situations God has placed you – I think I broke my button because I couldn’t mute myself. 

Finally I decided that my flesh was not going to win today – I found a “Month of May challdnge ” in Pinterest. And I am going to do this thing. 

And I’m going to share with you through this blog, what I get from these passages. Some entries will be shorter, some longer. But I am bound and determined to do this everyday and come out changed on the other side. 
I pray that as the Lord speaks to me, He also is speaking to your heart and that we both are listening when He speaks to us!

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