God is my sustenance and HE IS WORTH IT!

I am going to be brief but I feel it is important. I know it is important to the Lord and He encourages us to do this (Mark 9:29). Based off the title, I am indeed speaking/typing/expressing my opinion and most recent personal experience with fasting.

I have fasted before. Sometimes it’s media. Most of the time it is a food item or food in general. This time I felt the Lord calling me to a Daniel fast (Daniel 1:5-15). After reading the story of it again, instead of assuming or going off what someone else has said, I concluded I was to fast meat. And not for ten days but twenty one. Now please understand me when I say – I LOVE MEAT! It is on my plate at every meal so this fast was going to be something different.

I knew what and how long and I knew why. God has revealed to me that I had a major idol in my life centered around food and it’s affects on my body. It had to leave my heart. The only way was through prayer and fasting. 

It was difficult at first (we ordered steak that first night AHHH!!) But God gave me literally the best thing in replace of meat. He gave me His clear, un-distorted, perfect direction and communication. I have heard more clearly about many things in these past three weeks than in have in the past year or so. I’ve heard in the past year but it was a struggle to get of me or the devils temptors. 

Not so this time – He spoke very very clearly throughout this whole fast. I was so in love with speaking with Him and hearing from Him that I did not even miss the meat I was fasting. And it has literally been a life changed for me. God is literally My sustenance in this and HE IS WORTH IT!!

My advice – fast something that you love and God will bless you in ways you would never dream of. Not just for any old reason. I did it to remove an idol and thereby also getting closer to God. Do it to get closer to Him, not just for answers, or as a fleece, but to get closer to Him. His blessings are innumerable when fasting is done at His prompting, His direction, and with the purpose of getting closer to Him. Becoming more intimate with Him. This is true of simply being in His will as well. His will is better than anything we can come up with. 

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