God’s aim

​As long as the sun comes up in the morning, God will keep offering to deliver His children. “Beth Moore Breaking Free Day by Day” Excerpt from the 1-18 devotional

God’s aim each and every time is to bring us closer to Him.

To bring us from the pit we were in or are in, and clean us off from the filth and bring us into His loving embrace.

It is His will and desire, but He does not force us.

He leaves the decision up to us. 

The decision to realize and accept that we are in a pit.

The decision to realize and accept that we need help getting out of the pit.

The decision to realize He wants to help us.

The decision to accept His help out of the pit.

The decision to pull ourselves up and hold on WITH Him as He pulls us up.

The decision to allow ourselves to be cleansed by Jesus.

The decision to allow Him in the vulnerable places of who we are and were, that caused us to fall or crawl into the pit to begin with.

The decision to realize we fail on our own and it is only by His grace and mercy that we get a lifetime of second chances.

The decision to either be carried by Him or follow Him from the pit. 

The decision to enter into His house, His rest, His safe haven from the enemy and His schemes.

And then, the decision to stay there.

To not go off on our own, but stay in His protection.

This list of decisions may seem long and exhaustive but how many times do we get through one or two of these choices and give up? We get tired of doing the hard thing, accepting that we suck on our own without Jesus, or see “something better” that only lasts a moment and really is just a facade.

 This happened to the Israelites when they left Egypt and disobeyed. As a consequence of their disobedience, they walked the desert for forty years. They began to complain about their current situation (one of their own creation) and say that Egypt was better! These were lies to trick them into despising the promise God had for them. 

They did it, we do it, no question. You can try and deny it, justify your actions and choices, but I am sorry to say that in these instances of jumping into the pit of our choice or making, “resistance [to God’s truth] is futile.”

 What I intend for you to understand is that trying to evade God and His truth is futile. We are a broken people desperately in need of a Savior, in need of He who cleanses by His blood which was shed on the cross of Calvary. 

He has allowed us to make many decisions in regards to being free and delivered from the pit. 

“It’s your choice choice choice choice! “


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