Finding Joy

That sounds like a movie title – I do apologize if it is. I chose the title based off the phrase that has been spurring me in the past week.

I am still processing “the God who sees me” but there have been events that popped up recently and God knew I needed thus encouragement before I went through the battle.

The spiritual battle freshly began last Wednesday night, I got this phrase Wednesday while I was at work (so before Wednesday night)

The phrase was “find joy in this season”

I had no idea what I was getting ready to go through but I can tell you, God has opened my eyes to all the little joys around me. A beautiful sunset, a cool breeze, a burst of creativity, strength and focus to do my job efficiently, just these little things.

The reason these are joys is not only because they benefit me BUT because I know they come from God. Since they can only come from God, I give Him the glory. When you give Him the glory – because let’s be real, He deserves ALL the glory – you find greater joy because it is your heavenly Father just showering you with His love; He is lavishing His love on you.

God loves you, John 3:16 clearly states that along with SO MANY OTHER VERSES. When you accept His love and thank Him for the little things, He loves that and showers you with more. The Bible tells us to “beware the little foxes that spoil the garden” Song of Solomon 2:15; but there is also the flip side – you thank God for the little things along the way and the big things mean so much more!. It is in the little things, little things that annoy you boil up and explode in anger; little things that make you joyful and enjoy God bubble up and explode in praise.


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