I was doing dishes today, listening to a song that I have no idea who sang it or the name of it but there was a line in there that said something akin to “Today is the first day of the beginning of the best time of my life”

The more I try and remember the exact wording the more I realize that it wasn’t the song that caught my attention or stayed in my mind but rather the thought that prevailed in my mind.

What if we lived everyday as if it was the best day of your life? What if we took each day as a fresh start given to us by God to give God glory? Instead of letting our temporary bad problems from the previous day affect our next day or letting one moment affect our whole day, we take a look at the moments given to us and realize that in the midst of every trial God is still present and He is infinitely greater than that which is presenting itself.

We don’t have to walk around like we have our heads in the clouds either, Lord knows that people already think I’ve never experience anything bad or don’t have bad days, but just because bad moments occur in our lives, in my life – God is still God. God is still worthy, He is still my protection, He is still my joy and that is why we can get our eyes off the bad, off the ugly, off the temporary and shake off the pain, hurt, and disdain.

Colossians 3:2 “Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on the earth.”

We are in this world, trials will happen but we do not have to remain focused on it. Focus your eyes on the Lord and you will be amazed at what used to really make you mad no longer does. The joy of having Jesus as the Lord in every situation of your life does not compare to anything.

This isn’t going to happen all at once – but if you start taking steps now, Lord only knows where you will end up when it finally becomes a part of who you are. I believe that it takes 21 days to form a habit and at least 40 days to break it. Start the habit of thanking God, putting Him first in small things which will lead to big things, being grateful for another day (even if it is absolutely dumpy), start small today and God will really show up and show off. He is remarkable, He is beautiful, He is gracious, He is merciful, He is immeasurable, and He made you. He made you for a purpose, a purpose of bringing Him glory, honor, and joy. It is about time we started giving it to Him respectfully, isn’t it?

Be blessed as you start a new habit of saying “Thank you God”



5 thoughts on “Thought…

      1. Music really does speak to people, doesn’t it? I still don’t get why all too many churches shut out contemporary music … hymns don’t speak to me at all. Anyway, I think it’s important to search out a song when it connects to you.


  1. I am a huge fan of music – all kinds. I believe it is important for the younger generation (us) and the older generation to come to a balance between the old (hymns) and the new (contemporary). I love most contemporary music that comes out and I find some of the old hymns to have amazing wonders of God in the words (when you can decipher them haha). I think there needs to be an equal appreciation from us for the old hymns and the older generation for the new songs, maybe not something we would pick out to clean the house to, but certainly something that we can say “The truth in the song is more important than how I feel. God is worthy even if I don’t like the song all that much.” Does that make sense? :/


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