Cliche time

On the eve of the new year (I know, not technically but you feel me), many people are making resolutions or asking “what are your goals for the new year?”

All the while, fully expecting you and themselves to not do those goals and to not commit to the resolutions we are making.

HOWEVER there are always some who stay committed and are successful in achieving these goals. Kudos to you. But on a grand scale…most of us aren’t that successful.

Not that I have any authority in your life, but I would encourage you to choose goals that will have lasting changes. Lifestyle changes versus the momentary changes that obviously do not last, because they are either too lofty or not long enough in scope.

What I mean is, instead of simply wanting to lose weight, look to change your eating habits to become more healthy. Small changes along the way, make for lasting endurance. You try to go big or go home with these resolutions and eventually you go home.

There are always the physical goals such as weight, drinking more water, exercising more, etc. But what about your eternity?

Have you made any goals to ensure your eternity? Maybe you already know your destination but what about how you are living your life? OR how you’re simply waiting and not dong anything?

I’ve only recently made the decision to live my life. I had been waiting for so long – waiting for things to get better, waiting for the favor of God, waiting for a raise, waiting for enjoyment for come, just waiting. Well I wasn’t living and I was miserable. Don’t get me wrong, I was having moments of joy and moments of living in revival but I was not living it out on a day-to-day basis. 

God sent Jesus to save us and the Holy Spirit to show us how to have life and have it more ABUNDANTLY! So I encourage you, do not wait. Do not wait to enjoy the favor you ALREADY HAVE! Be thankful for it and enjoy it. If God has given you favor – which HE HAS, there is always grace and favor, you need only look for it – then rejoice! ENJOY it!

It goes along with the being content with your situation (from a previous post) – when you are content, you’re thankful, you’re enjoying life. True your situation may look extremely dismal, but there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Family, friends, a job, a car, money to pay the bills, a church, your bible,the breath in your lungs counts too! When you’re thankful, you are focusing on what God has done versus what He hasn’t done (which is usually a hasn’t done…yet).

Thanks for following me through my rambling thoughts and I hope that as you look at this new year and what it possibly entails, that you look at what God has done. At every point in your life, God has been there. He will continue to be there in this new year. Ask Him for clarity if you think you have none. He will lead you in the direction He wants you to go, so that you can truly enjoy your life as you live it out.

Be blessed and may the Lord of all Creation reveal Himself to you in greater ways than you have ever known!



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