He sees, He saw

Back to the God who sees me.

God has always seen us. It isn’t a new thing that we suddenly discovered.

Remember this comes from a story in Genesis so it is not a new 2016 special. “For a limited time only, starting today – God sees you”! (I do hope you read that in a really bad salesperson voice because…I did.)

Alright, He sees you as you are right now, with all the situations you are facing.

He sees you as you react to those situations (both your public reaction and your private reaction).

What I’m seeing (ba-dum-tiss) in this, is that He has seen us in the past. Meaning He was with us in those situations back then that shaped us into who we are right now. So He sees our reactions and He knows why we are reacting that way.

Earlier in life you were hurt by a phrase or person or circumstance, you encounter that phrase/person/circumstance now, your reaction (whatever it may be) is shaped by your experience from back then.

He sees both then and now and He understands. He knows; remember my attempt at a Spanish illustration and their two different uses of KNOW.

He sees not only what we do, but why. That…is comforting and also extremely unnerving, especially when my reasons for some of the stupid stuff I do, that I know I shouldn’t do, is sufficient to label me as an imbecile.

However, because He saw and still sees – We can rest in that knowledge and understanding that.

He knows what we have gone through, the consequences of those situations, the lingering effects we may not even know about yet that pop up in the midst of the situation, and what we are going through currently (with a whole new set of consequences, effects, fears, doubts, faith-edification, etc.) at the same time!

Switch to the Bible story: Hagar was running away with her Master’s child that she didn’t really have a choice in. Sure she did the deed, but did she have a choice? Sarah was the one who offered her because Sarah was barren but Hagar was her maidservant. She, Hagar, was a piece of property. She was not viewed as a human, more as a vehicle of bearing children, male preferred of course. Hagar was looked down upon as a vehicle. Who cared about the vehicle as long as the job was done. Abraham was the Master of both women (Sarah and Hagar) and could do whatever he pleased; he did not need permission. When we look at the situation from beginning to end (when she runs away), we realize that she didn’t have a choice. And yet God chased her, having seen and still seeing her dire situations, realizing her reactions were forged by those situations, and still wanting to redeem her, her son, Abraham, Sarah, and the promised covenant.

You may have been forced into situations where your choice was removed, it was ignored, it was viewed as worthless, YOU were viewed as worthless, a vehicle to get the job done (whatever job) – but please know today that God sees you. He sees you right now, He saw you as you journeyed through your life, He loves you and it doesn’t matter what happened when – He loves you. He simply loves you. He died for you. Jesus died for you because He loves you.

That is what God is – LOVE. If you have been wounded, hurt, scorned, condemned, ignored, reduced, rejected, deemed worthless, etc. BY MAN – BE ENCOURAGED THAT GOD LOVES YOU. GOD HAS ALWAYS LOVED YOU AND HE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.


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