Sunday morning thoughts

I’ve been having a rough week.

I don’t want to hide behind simple and overused Christian-ese.

I know that God is good.

He has been good to me; He has been good to you. You’re alive and experiencing life in whatever way God has chosen for you. In this season, at this time, right here and right now.

But even in all of that – we only see the things we do not have.

I know this is true because I am extremely guilty of this. Missing all the good because of all the things I do not have or see.

I have doubted or questioned why or how my life turned out this way. BUT I heard this from the Sunday school teacher this morning “Just cause you think you need it, doesn’t mean that God has appointed this time for this need. His thoughts are whither than your thoughts; His ways are higher than your ways.”

Ugh okay – thanks for the reminder!

In order to combat this negative outlook, and despite my lack of enthusiasm and conviction of this, I created phrases (a week ago) to say everyday. And every time I began to feel discouraged or doubtful.

“I accept the place God has me in. I am at peace with the life God has chosen for me. I accept this ministry, this job, this economic status, this relationship, this house, this time as God’s plan for my life. I accept this in my mind, my heart, my body, and my spirit. I am at peace with the way things are RIGHT NOW for they are God’s will and they will change when He appoints them to. I will not doubt or question, but will remain at peace with God’s will.”

This is of course dependent on you living out God’s will. That when you look at your life and the choices you are making, that you are 100% confident that you are living according to God’s will, as seen in His word.

To me this looks: “Do not quench the spirit. Do not despise prophecies. TESG ALL THINGS; HOLD FAST TO WHAT IS GOOD. ABSTAIN FROM EVERY FORM OF EVIL.” 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22


“Finally brethren, whatever things are TRUE, whatever things are LOVELY, whatever things are of GOOD REPORT, if there is any VIRTUE, and there is anything PRAISEWORTHY- meditate on these things.” Philippians 4:8

These are things that I try very hard to live my life by; to operate in every part of my life (public and private). To portray a Godly character that is evident and of no question. To hold to the moral leading exemplified by Jesus Christ.

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