Mid-Day Inspiration

When I am at work on a normal day, I try to keep my office’s atmosphere in a constant state of worship.

In these many attempts that I have  to keep the atmosphere that way, I have encountered this particular song (and spontaneous worship) many times.

*DISCLAIMER* I attend a Pentecostal church and very much worship as a Pentecostal; as such, it only makes sense that I enjoy Pentecostal worship. So say what you want about Bethel, Steffany (Frizzell) Gretzinger, Pentecostal worship in general – but I enjoy it.

Today, this one came on and as I was thinking about how God sees me I just knew I had to share it with you. I hope that you enjoy it, receive a revelation from the Lord, or simply accept that God does see you. If it isn’t a part of your relationship with God that you intimately know, I encourage you to keep going! Sometimes the more you read something, listen to something, think on it, the more it gets into your brain and then BAM its a part of you!

At least that is how it is for me…I can be at times a little thickheaded or slooooow at getting an idea into my heart and soul.

Anyway…enough of my words – here is the link. It’s YouTube so I already apologize for any unsavory ads that pop up. You Know Me

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