Peace, Be Still

Looking at all the aftermath and the – I’m not politically correct so deal with it or leave – absolute madness in reaction to the election’s results.

I do not understand this childish behavior – that is what essentially this insanity in our cities’ streets is; childish, immature, temper tantrums. Please, retain your dignity and compose yourselves like the adults you claim to be.

Do I think our new President-elect is perfect? No.

Do I think our new President-elect is God’s plan for this country in this moment? Yes. Let me explain.

With the previous elections where the current President was elected and then re-elected, a wave was introduced and pushed through the White House and its ripple effect went through the country. This wave being of heavy left-wing agendas with severe discrimination against conservatives, Evangelical Christians, and anyone who stood in even the slightest opposition to the agenda.

Well at this election – we as conservatives, Evangelical Christians, Republicans, etc. – the choice was presented. Continue with the SAME administration with a different forerunner or try something new. A radical new at that. Christians hit their knees in prayer for a change to come. A change that would be God’s will. We did not simply pray for the President-elect, but rather we prayed for God’s will to be done.

Ultimately, we knew that God’s will would prevail as God’s will cannot be thwarted. We prayed, fasted, prayed, and fasted. Then we voted. We waited for the results. Some were able to sleep. Some were not. The results were tallied and rendered, we had a new President-elect. I thank the Lord for the change that is coming for I know it is God’s will. We prayed for God’s will – not a candidate.

The reactions are shocking, heart-breaking, and to me INFURIATING. The flag is given to those who have lost people in the line of duty defended our freedoms and you are burning it! I cannot imagine doing that in front of veterans I know – they would be appalled.

For these reactions I have two words: Grow up.

God has three words: Peace, be still.

His approach is obviously much better. Please, heed God’s advice as I am trying. Peace, be still. God is here in this country – you need not fear, simply trust in Him. Be still and know that He is God.

I am not trusting or putting my hope in this new administration but I am hopeful! I finally felt hope for our country this past week on Thursday whilst watching an interview about the plans of cooperation between Congress and the White House on many issues.

This will be my last politically flavored post – I simply felt the push to address it other than speaking loudly in prayer on my walks with my dog. Be blessed and remember: peace, be still.


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