El Roi

El Roi

Genesis 16 – the whole chapter, fifteen verses calm down

The context of this is Abraham and Sarah have jumped ahead of God’s promise by taking the invitation originated by Sarah for Abraham to urm…well you know with Sarah’s maidservant. I studied college-level Biology and am not uncomfortable with this subject, but first – whyyyyyy???

Why would you even recommend that your husband (one of which I’m still praying for) sleep with your maidservant. I am attempting to sound mature but YUCK!

Ok anyway, so after this absurd request is actually fulfilled – Abraham…really??? – Hagar has a child, a son (the promised gender but not quite the promised child) and his name is Ishmael.

So Hagar and Ishmael are then treated horribly by Sarah – I mean come on, it was your idea – and they leave the protection of Abraham’s camp. They are close to dying and God sends his angel to minister to them.

This is the backstory to Hagar’s realization that God, the creator the universe in all its glory, is The God who Sees Me. Well in this case, her.

A couple weeks of many services have led me to this phrase – I can’t quite remember if it was in a prayer or a sermon, but that is not the point.

The point is, that this phrase is like killing me.

I mean that literally as we are to do die to self daily. I’m not physically dying so please do not misunderstand me in that regard.

I won’t be long as this has not been one of intense study and prayer, but what I will tell you is that God sees you. He sees you right now in this moment, He sees me in this moment as I’m typing and completely under assault physically. He sees us. And it isn’t a spectator sport for Him – for goodness sakes He went to the cross for us, one feat I am grateful for Him having done and not me. (Side note: with Jesus as me King and Lord, I would gladly die for Him. Easy to say now, but true all the same).

But God, the creator and sustainer of the universe sees you. With all your backstory – ridiculous or not, most likely painful with joy as well – with all your boiling emotions you don’t know what to do with for reasons you cannot quite explain in an articulate manner.

Take comfort that even when you think you are unseen by those around you, when you feel overlooked and abused, used and thrown away – God, who loves you more than you will ever truly grasp, sees you. It is a present tense – he did not just see you in your past or can see in the future – He is RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!


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