Hiatus OVER

What you focus on becomes larger and larger


It has been a little bit since I was here.

For that, whomever is interested, I am truly sorry. You see, while I was regularly posting, I was teaching the adult Sunday School class at my church. One year ago in August, I felt God pulling me to start a youth ministry at our church – something we had not had in ten years. It took two months to both get that started AND stop teaching the Sunday School class. Since I was posting my sermons and I wasn’t preaching/teaching anymore, there was nothing to post.

Well, I’ve recently come out of most of the ministries I was very invested in, albeit abruptly. And it has been a real struggle to not only have no ministry to pour out into, but also to come to grips with the fact that those ministries that I am no longer in, I cannot speak into them any longer.

I guess what I’m here to say, in this moment, to myself, to God, to you, etc., is that despite all you could ever do, have done, will do for God (by His strength and His will) – it will end. Sometimes it will be a good end, sometimes it will be a painful end, sometimes it will be a bad end – end it will.

In that ending – you have a choice. A choice to either let bitterness grow at the end of a chapter you probably loved (despite the kind of ending) or a choice to toe the edge of the cliff presented before you (with no bottom in sight). Honestly admitting, I may have become a little bitter at my most recent ending – it was painful and VERY abrupt. However, through prayer and a lot of tears, I’m finally excited to see where God is taking me next. Whatever ministry it is, wherever it is, however God gets me there, however long it takes – I’m along for the ride, just riding out what He leads me into.

I don’t know if this helps anyone – maybe just me, oh well – but if you are reading this, and you have recently been through a chapter ending (good, bad, or ugly) – take heart! God is with you in this. God is the only one who will get you through this ending, into the beginning of the new chapter, and all the way through it.

Stay committed to the Lord. He will not fail. He will lead you. No matter how much the situation SUCKS and seems unbearable – focus on God. Whatever you focus on becomes larger and larger – so keep God as the center of your focus and He will be so large in your spirit and mind that your problems seemingly disappear.

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