Where has all the passion gone?

After talking about the stark differences of passion and emotion, and discovering which is which in our day-to-day lives, we have to ask ourselves…where has our passion gone? Or does it need a little refreshing?

Our passion being that which keeps us yearning for God even when we don’t feel like it, that burns through until the end of the night when our bridegroom comes (Matthew 25:1-13). When the enemy has come in like a flood (Isaiah 59:19) and you can’t begin to tell the difference between up and down, right or left, front or back – that is when our passion is important.

That time, when your life is in shambles, is when knowing whom you love, whom you serve, whom has saved you, and through the pain of the cross to get to the joy of establishing a relationship with you is more important than knowing the direction your facing. It is more important than knowing where your next paycheck is coming from, knowing how your future will play out, worrying about what anyone and everyone is thinking about you.

If you spend all your time looking at everyone else’s lives then you will miss the passion that is lived out by Jesus for you.

A couple weeks ago, the same week I got this topic, I was up in Titusville for my dance group. When I leave dance group/prayer group, I always call my parents to say I’m on my way home to give them a time frame of when I’ll be home so that if it is much longer than that they should call me, look for me, whatever. I do this because when I leave dance, most times I can barely move and when I leave prayer group, it is usually on the cusp of my bedtime so I’m nodding at the wheel.

Well this particular night, I was pretty awake mostly because the person in front of me was a horrible driver and I had to stay alert so I wouldn’t end up in their car and they wouldn’t end up in mine. They couldn’t make up their mind about whether or not to go the speed limit or 10 over and they were swerving in and out of lanes (and they were the leader) so it was like they were trying to determine which way they were supposed to go. Anyway, we come to Kings Highway light and this person clearly didn’t know where the intersection started/stopped because at the red light they decided to just plough past the white line and sit in the middle of the intersection.

Needless to say it caused a lot of horns to go off (not mine, I was in shock). The light turned green and I was like “I gotta get in front of this person” so I zoomed off and got in front of them and continued my journey in a less threatened state. Well they eventually came up next to me and I had to know what was going on. Could they see over the steering wheel, do they look drunk, are they on the phone, what is making them drive like a 2 year old and threatening everyone on the road. Well as I was doing the judging look, real quick, the person in front of me decided to slow down for no reason and I was able to brake in time. But I say all of that because the Holy Spirit said to me, clear as day (which is hard to imagine because I blare my rock music to keep me awake but with God all things are possible) “when you spend all your time looking into other people’s lives, you miss the possible train wreck in your path”

This is applicable for our lives in many ways, but I want to take it in two ways: 1) just the way the Holy Spirit said it – watch yourself versus others because you have your own stuff to deal with 2) if we are so focused on others’ then we won’t be able to know the passionate love of Jesus in our lives when we do get on the enemy’s radar and experience his firepower.

When you come to the place within yourself, that it doesn’t matter to you what anyone thinks of you but Jesus and you live your life to please HIM and HIM only, then your passion will always be reignited or refreshed.

Please don’t take me the wrong way and think we can’t help others that we aren’t supposed to do discipleship, come to church and fellowship and be ministered to – I’m talking about in your personal time with Jesus. At your altar, the altar of your heart – this is where your passion is kept lit. Your oil lamp is trimmed and you replenish your oil reserves.

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