Scream for your miracle

The other example God has for us is Bartimaeus. Luke 18:35-43

Bartimaeus is blind. He is sitting on the side of the road where the dust is constantly kicked up for him to breathe in. He is begging for money, because he can do nothing for work. He has no idea what is going until he hears a bunch of people coming past which means for him “mo money, mo money, mo money”

But then he in his spirit man, asks not for money but information – ‘hey yo, what’s going on?” Dude, its Jesus, not shush. Bartimaeus may be poor, blind, and dirty but he ain’t no fool. His spirit man knowing that the master healer is coming his way begins to burn. Burn for Jesus to come and heal him. “Son of David, have mercy on me!” He was so excited to yell for Jesus, he doesn’t put forth his full request. But he couldn’t stop, he had to use his emotion and passion to yell for Jesus.

Sometimes fancy sentences are not needed to focus our attention on Jesus – a throaty yell that stems from our gut. It may not even be all of what we want or need, but it is a start! The saying “it isn’t how you start it is how you finish” well you can’t finish if you don’t start. Even quitting is a finish, not a good one but one all the same. But if you never start walking towards Jesus you can’t even quit from Him.

This is highly irregular, people yelling. Shhh keep it down, this is a proper establishment. Meant only for quiet adoration of Jesus. We do this – in our own lives. Our spirit burns with passion for us to yell, shout, dance, sing, lift our hands, whatever and our logical-Spock side comes out and says “Shh. Be quiet.” I’m not just talking about corporate worship, even in our private time we fight this. At least I do. “Someone will see me!…in my living room…with all the windows and doors closed…right” But we do – our logic side juts in and shuts down our spirit, only if we let it though.

Well Bartimaeus was not about to be shushed – he cries out even louder. Talk about stubborn and persistent. It is not wrong for our spirit to be stubborn or persistent with Godly things, in His will. Not out of His will or against His will. Bartimaeus still doesn’t put forth his full request the second time but he has Jesus’ attention.

Jesus calls people to bring him to Him – these same people who told him to shush are now the transportation of him coming to the healer. Let your logical side be the transportation saying “it is good to be in the will of God.” When he comes before Jesus, Jesus says “well, what do you want me to do for you?” Jesus knows what he needed, but Bartimaeus had to request it. Jesus knows what we need but that doesn’t mean we should keep silent. He knows all but we have to do something by speaking our request out into the air. We must tell Him and talk to Him.

When Bartimaeus says “I want to see” Jesus says “Well ok then. Here you go. Thanks for believing in me to provide that which you ask for.” We can’t come before Jesus asking for things we don’t believe He will fulfill. Bartimaeus wanted to see and he asked for it believing that Jesus would restore his sight. We must come with expectation of fulfillment of our requests.

When he began to see, he followed Jesus glorifying God. Do we glorify God for all to see that he has provided for us? Do we give testimony of God’s goodness and provision? We are not boasting of anything we have done but of only what God has done. Give Him all the glory you can muster through your passion, through your emotions, and through the combination.

Passion and emotions work together to form miracles, if only we would recognize the difference between the two within ourselves and see how beautifully they can work together when appropriately managed through prayer and time with the Holy Spirit. As you spend more and more time with the Holy Spirit, glorifying God the more you will begin to emotionally feel this and burn with fiercer passion for Him.

Do not hide your passion for the Lord for whatever reason. Whether it is social dictation of how you should behave in regards to your God. Your own personal boundaries of what other people think of you, of what you think of you. It doesn’t matter. God is worthy to be praised and He is worthy of our fierce passion for Him. Do not hide your emotion from Him either. He knows them. He knows why you feel them. He knows how to help you get through. Once He has helped you, use your emotion in connection with your passion. They are not separate but rather intertwined beautifully. Like a fancy braid, it looks so pretty and is very tough to break and unravel.

I implore you to determine passion and emotion in your own lives and to begin to meld them together and use them. Don’t let them get rusty or misshapen. I am doing the same because I want to be full of passion for Jesus.

Seeing how it is Easter and there is nothing like knowing Jesus’ full passion, I would like to read His story of passion in the garden. We see He was committed even unto death – we know this backward and forward – but if we are to follow Him, then we must be committed even unto death, death of our fleshy person and our physical person. Both will be and are asked of us, what will our answer be?

Matthew 26:36-46

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