Is it obvious to you?

Applying it to your life

You don’t like getting yelled at by your boss in front of your co-workers. Well, then tell me how you can then come into church or your close friend circle and do that to your friends or fellow saints in Christ? Instead, when you receive a word, test it. He instructs us and encourages us to test every spirit to see if it is from the Lord or not. Sometimes the spirit is from within us, there is a way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death. So you have to at least double if not triple check that you have received this word from the Lord and then, talk to them privately. If you do it publically, you are no better than a Pharisee who would condemn people publically and still expect to be held in high regard. The Pharisee prayed that he was thankful he was not like the sinner right across from him.

Psh, please son. Are you looking at a mirror?

Not only that, but it is selfish to do so publically. “Look, everyone. I have a word from the Lord and it is to condemn this one right here. Look! A sinner!”or “Jesus speaks to me and He spoke to me about you.” That is selfish, you are then wanting others to look at you, instead of encouraging the person the word is for as God’s words are meant to do. For even in His discipline, He has mercy and love.

I’m not pointing any fingers, nor am I calling anyone out – I am guilty of this as well. Maybe not church people, but work people. Sometimes I think I am soooo right…then the real answer comes along and I am sooo in the wrong. Now this wouldn’t be so bad…if I didn’t talk up about how right I was. This occurrence has lessened in frequency but please believe me that I am just as capable and have been just as guilty of doing this selfish and greedy thing, often throwing people under the bus whom I am sent there to love.

These emotions are ugly. Once they are recognized and the damage as to how far they infiltrate our lives is assessed, it is time to nail it to the cross. You cannot effectively remove something, a plant or a tree, unless you remove the roots of it. You cannot completely root out offense until you know where all the tendrils are within your soul. This is not living sin conscious, let me preface this. This is living holy conscious – through God’s divine revelation and Spirit to guide you and correct you, you will be able to determine what is holy and good and pleasing to God and what is offensive to His Holy Spirit and cannot stay in His presence.

It makes zero sense to say “I no longer am offended…by people at church! Work, though, forget it. Offended all day long. But I am free from offense.” Yeah…ok. No we have to root all of it.

So you may still/probably will still feel these ugly emotions. You may still manifest them in an unrighteous manner. Be angry and sin not. But you see them for what they are first off, you can get your hammer and nails out – metaphorically speaking! Don’t carry a hammer and nail around for this – and nail that stupid, sucky, sickly, and stinking emotion to the cross and instead, put more effort into your prayers, into growing your fruits if the Spirit by spending time with the Spirit and in the Spirit. Who knows, you may even begin to feel patience rising within you versus anger in the grocery line with a brand new cashier if you’re praying in the Spirit instead of grumbling.

Once we get rid of the ugly emotions, we are not lifeless and emotionless beings. We will still feel sadness – not guilt, joy, peace, stillness – not of life but rather stillness from security, love, compassion, mercy, righteous anger, not-understanding God’s Word/Will, conviction – not condemnation, willingness to do God’s will – not fight Him on everything. We will still feel these and more – I couldn’t think of anymore but our emotions are many and some indescribable – but these are not to be thrown out with the others. God gave us these emotions and He wants us to use the tools given to us.

These are tools: patience – a hand saw. Joy – a hammer. Compassion – a workbench, etc. He didn’t give us a fully loaded tool set and say “Don’t use ANY OF THESE!” No, when used improperly, they can either begin to be bent or misshapen, rusted, or unusable. At that point, we must get rid of those which are no longer of use as they do not accomplish the original task they were intended for but rather more harm than good is their product.

These emotions that are still of value and use, these we must keep and use in conjunction with our passion. When our emotions are telling us it is hopeless, it is stupid to keep holding on to a promise 30 years old – whatever that promise may be. It could be as big as the whole family needing to be save and grandpa is dying with weeks to live. It could be a healing that is long in its arrival. It could be a house for your family that suits you perfectly. These are all big, but these could also be small. It could be a promise that that your life will lead at least one person to Jesus, or that the sunrise will be beautiful for you. It doesn’t matter what you’re holding onto, keeping holding with your passion but also you can utilize your emotions.

Utilize your joy and peace knowing that God’s Word does not return to Him void, instead of using your misshapen tools of worry and anxiety.


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