So passion is suffering, it is an overmastering feeling, and is love whereas emotion is just your natural, carnal response to your surroundings. Yet we are not called to be emotional about God as He is not a feeling but rather we are called to be passionate about God and put away the passions or emotions of the flesh.

Passion is talked about a lot because God knew it would be distorted into what it has become today. It had already been distorted by the beginning of the early church and throughtout the epistles of the New Testament. There are so many references as to the ‘passions’ of the flesh and how we should flee them. These are referring to the carnal emotions of the body…if you catch my drift.

The original word for passion was latin for suffer, and yet our passion as we view it today has become the emotion that is it’s polar opposite.

To suffer out of love for those who know no better, that was Jesus’ passion and yet we view passion now as emotion for another human, animals, an inanimate object, “oh that’s my passion weaving baskets” or “they are my passion, my driving force.”

God is your driving force, He is the one who gives the breath in your lungs every day, the one who provides the grace for you (Ephesians 2:8-9) to do those ‘passions’ which are really just emotional objects that distract you from the fact that your passion for Jesus, crucifying your flesh out of your love to please Him (Luke 9:23), has gone out.

You think you’re a lamp on a hill because you do all these things, when really you come for the hype of worship or getting a feel good message. No please don’t get me wrong, I do not view pastor bob’ messages as feel good messages – no because he isn’t here to make you feel good or please you, he is here for one reason (we both are) and that is to bring glory to God, to please God through preaching His word!

He wants to reignite your passion. Get your fire lit again to go back into the battlefield or your prayer closet and fight and pray through the battles that Jesus has already won! Jesus is on the throne and his jingling those keys to hell death and grave as reminders for two people (Revelation 1:18). Us on the earth “hello! I’ve won, we are in this together!” and he is also reminding Satan “you’ve lost. I’ve won.” Not in a gloating way but rather just reminding him of his state, as the one who lost.

In your passion there will be emotion involved. Jesus often felt emotions, so do not worry if you feel emotions such as anger, love, etc. These are not bad, God gave us emotions which means he has them.

How many times do we see how God’s anger or wrath burned against his people as a righteous anger, not a jealous or temper tantrum anger. His anger was that they were going through motions or not through them at all and defiling His Name and His people. Yet as many as those times of anger, how many times did God also have compassion on them?

Oh, you want a Jesus example…ok the countless times it is recounted as him having compassion on the multitudes, one person, a small group of people – Jesus felt compassion. That’s an emotion there people. What about anger? Same as His Father (surprise John 5:19) a righteous anger that burned against the people because of the injustice done in His Holy Name (John 21:12-17).

Some people take this verse out of chronologically context, meaning they take the meaning back then and try to apply it to now…what was happening was that the offerings required by God for the people to do (before Christ’s redemptive blood was spilled) were being double and tripled in price. Let’s say a dove should only cost $1.50 for us to go and present what little offering we could. Well doves were being sold for $4.50 at triple the price so the seller could make a profit.

What was meant to be a way for the person to come closer to God was turned into a way for certain people to get closer to other peoples money and nothing more…which is WHY Jesus was so righteously angered. These people had come to pray and to get close to God, the right God in a world full of the wrong gods, and when they got there they were being charged way too much. That is why Jesus had judged them to be residing and creating a den of thieves. He had judged them based off their actions, their hearts, and their true motives.(John 5:30)

Now it isn’t our job to judge people because (1 Corinthians 2:10-12) we cannot possibly even begin to know what they meant to do or why they are doing it. God is the only one and therefore when HE judges…He judges accurately, righteously, and completely.

Back to passion vs emotion. We went through all of that to show you the difference between passion and emotion. We are going to dig into more topics in the weeks to come and those are reigniting the passion that we once had, getting rid of our carnal or fleshy passions or emotions, and using the God-given emotions to better serve Him and apply them to our passion for Him.


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