Crawl to your King

The first – the woman with the issue of blood. Luke 8:41-48. There has been some speculation as to what she had. What we know is that she was unclean, she was plagued with this for twelve years, and she spent all of her money on earthly doctors. For me, this means one thing which is unpleasant. If you can’t figure it out, ask a woman. She will tell you.

When a woman has this, she is unclean and cannot come into contact with ANYONE lest they become unclean. She had been ostracized by society for twelve years! Twelve years. Most of us get antsy after like an hour by ourselves. She was alone for twelve years. When she did venture into society it was to go to the doctor’s. Well, that’s what I want my only social interaction to be “Here, fill out these papers. The doctor will be in a just minute so he can poke and prod you like a beast of burden. Oh yeah, he’s not going to look you in the eye either, you know, out of embarrassment.” Woohoo! What a holly jolly time that must have been. Well they couldn’t do anything for her – surprise. (I’m not against doctors at all – I work for them after all.) So she still has this issue and now she is poor. So not only is she not allowed to touch anyone but now no one can help her as they are supposed to. She is stuck.

Emotion would dictate – give up. Go outside the city gates and just die. Wait for some lion or bear to come by and take your life, it isn’t worth saving. The humans have done all they can for you. But then, she hears about this guy named Jesus. Healing all kinds of crazy people – sick, dead, and demon-possessed. That is when passion steps in and tells the emotion to BE QUIET! Passion came in and said “Daughter of God, you were not meant to live this way. Go to this man called Jesus. Even if you can’t talk to Him, try the hem of His garment. Power like that, isn’t just contained to their person but everything they touch has the Spirit on it. Go, find Him.”

How easy it would have been to just give up. It wasn’t easy to overcome her normal social protocols of not touching anyone. She was bound by law to not touch anyone, not to come into good society, not to come to Jesus. But this natural law was binding her Spirit man which was burning so fiercely with passion that she had to act. Even if it didn’t work, she had satisfied her Spirit.

Do we do this? Not to satisfy the sinful nature, but do we feel the Spirit rise within us so fiercely and rapidly that we must act to satisfy it? Honestly, do we? It isn’t always a huge demonstrative thing – hers probably went very unnoticed until she touched Jesus and HE said something. It says in the passage that she saw that she was not hidden – she had probably crawled on her hands and knees under all those people, getting stepped on, just to touch His garment. Not even Him.

Have we crawled out of desperation for Him? We see we can no longer do this, living how we are – struggling with whatever. We can’t even walk or run to Him, we crawl, trying to hide from Him even as we come to Him. Don’t hide yourselves from Him. He wants to see you, coming to Him – will all your stuff so you can give it to Him and not pick it back up.

She overcame her ugly emotion of disappointment and discouragement to use her passion of desperation for the King of Glory. Once in her passion, her emotion of joy came in – fulfilling her Spiritual passion. Let me explain, when you begin to do something that fulfills your Spirit, your physical person becomes filled with JOY because you are actively pursuing God’s will and purpose for your life. There is nothing more joyful than that. Even if you encounter some sorrow there – she came to Him trembling, fearing the people – not Him. We must not fear Him as a slave master but revere Him for His glory and power. Living in God’s will for you is the absolute best place to be.

Side note: God’s will is not just where you should work or where you should live. This applies to everything: what car should I be in, what relationship should I be in, how should I handle my finances, where should I go in my devotionals, etc. Not to the point of “God what should I wear today?” (Unless of course, He says to do that) but to the point where any big decision of how your spiritual man can be impacted by His Spirit is determined solely by God. For me, when I listen to the Word at work, I look at the Bible book list and scan the titles and when my spirit slams into place on a book title, that’s what I listen to. It is like a click on a safe, it clicks into God’s will and His blessings are unlocked and accessible by being in His will.

You may think me silly, but it is what keeps me going straight. It keeps my emotional brain out of it. The thing at enmity with God, yeah that has to go when I’m in God’s will. It has to come into alignment with the faith and passion based statement “I am in God’s will. Put up or shut up.” My parents are the same way. “Did you pray about it?” This is a constant phrase when anyone of us is facing a decision. Rick and Devyn are buying furniture for their house and Devyn was saying how she was having trouble with picking out new chairs for the dining room and mom said “I know it sounds silly, but did you pray about it?” Devyn was shocked that mom asked that simply because she hadn’t thought to. Think about praying, for everything. End side note.

So crawl in desperation for the King of King’s to come and heal your situation. Or to shine light on the dark places of your heart. Don’t try and hide from Him. Instead be filled with joy as you come to Him, because that is His will. For you to come to Him. Use your passion to start the crawl and be filled with joy to finish in a sprint.

He doesn’t leave you the same either. She didn’t come away from this encounter still bleeding. It says that the moment she completed her step in coming to Jesus that her blood flow was stopped. It was stopped! That which was dominating her physical life had been overcome by one encounter with Jesus, one spiritual and physical movement towards Jesus totally and radically changed her life forevermore. She had to learn how to live again after being given her life back. What will you do when God gives you your life back? I’m sure she didn’t go and ask the doctors to give her the same condition again. Let us not go back like a dog to its vomit, going back to what God has changed in us. That which we were dissatisfied with before, to the point of coming to Jesus out of desperation, we should not go back to it but instead take on the new challenge of learning life God’s way instead of our way

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