Jesus went away from everyone ALL THE TIME! Not because He was anti-social but rather very pro-God and face-to-face encounters with God. He would take advantage of whatever was available to Him – a mountainside, a garden, a hillside, anything where He could be alone with the Father.(Matthew 26: 36, Luke 9:18, Matthew 14:23, Luke 9:28)He did that because basically Jesus was a preaching nomad – He really had no constant place to lay His head during His time of ministry.

Jesus saw and knew the important of getting into the presence of the Living God and getting His action plan and knowing what pleased God and nothing was going to stop Him.

We know the importance…we hear messages on it all the time (I know, sorry) but how much do we let stop us? Oh I have a migraine God, I can’t worship you. Oh my back hurts, I can’t meet with you God, not tonight anyway. And the list just goes on!

I don’t let anything stop me, not bragging just saying my God is more important to me than anything or ANYONE! When mom was real sick with pain in August, dad and I were leaving for several hours and I marched in there and I put on a concert that was anointed with God’s presence and I shoved it in her face and I was like “WATCH THIS!” I came home and I was like “did it help?” Well no because I just watched it (this has since changed). But nothing should stop you!

Now I know we cannot constantly be in our prayer closets, the physical ones, but think of this abiding in Christ as a house again. You’re not always at your house, but you always have that destination in mind. Some people are constantly looking forward to food (I am one of those – all weekend as this conference I was at, I scoped out the food times and made sure we were not late for them!) but we always look forward to when we can just come home.

With Christ in our hearts, we can move about our daily lives constantly aware of His presence but always looking forward to that precious quiet time with the Lord. I keep saying quiet time because you are quieting your soul and telling your flesh to put up and shut up because its Jesus time but the time in the Lord doesn’t have to be quiet. It can be filled with music, prayer out loud, talking to Him as lovers or friends, crying, whatever – if it is time with your Heavenly Father it doesn’t matter.

And it does no good to you whatsoever if you are constantly planning for this time or place and never do it. It is the same with worship or exercise.

Sure you can pop in an exercise video and watch it while you’re sitting on the couch eating chips and salsa. You can put on worship music while complaining and neither situation is going to benefit you one bit! But if you dig into a set apart time and/or place for God, the fruit you will yield is going to be a double portion.

You may not see it right away but God is not a microwave God. God is a slow and low God, (that’s cooking in a crock pot – I’m not saying God is slow or low in activity just making an analogy here people!) He can be and often does move swiftly and there are other times where He doesn’t seem to move for ages but in both cases His timing is perfect. He is never wrong. He makes no mistakes.

Dig in with the end in mind – being in heaven singing around the throne of heaven being with Jesus forever! That is what this is all about, getting as many people to see how good God is so that we can worship together for eternity!


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