I’m taking the fact that you are reading this as confirmation that you decided to continue with abiding in the Lord even though you are possibly going to get God-sun-burned.

Knowing God on that kind of intimate level is priceless because it is SO valuable. And if we truly love Him as we claim to, then we all would be willing to change for God – in ANY area that He has asked us to change in.
We are in that position of staying in His love, in His house, staying in tune with His presence and Spirit then it won’t matter what happens. We can worship without restraint, we won’t be offended (for ourselves or for other people – you know how you get offended for someone, we won’t be prideful, we won’t be emotionally irrational, rather we would be stable. In a fixed state, in Jesus.

We would be rooted so deep in His love and knowing who we are in Him and how He loves us that nothing will phase us. Yet on the other hand we will also be able to share that love with others in way that doesn’t offend them or nauseate them.
I’ve heard that when you first fall in love, you just are like jumping on clouds 9, 10, 11, through 15 all of course not just lined with silver but made of silver and embedded with diamonds and a bunch of nonsense.

And it is nauseating for others to hear about your great love – whoop di doo. But with Jesus, you get all hat and so much more when you grasp even just the hem of His love (Matthew 14:34-36) and you will spread that love with everyone even without trying (they will be able to tell, that bad sunburn) and it won’t nauseate them, most of them.
[People long to discredit Christ and his effect on us as humans but love the people who truly follow and live out a Christ-like life.]

The definition we are focusing on in a way talks about being fixed, stable, conforming to and it is not to stay the way we are. It is to stay fixed in Jesus, to stay stable in Jesus’ foundation, to conform to him, to stay with Him not our human flesh.
He is the chief cornerstone, (Psalm 118:22, Matthew 21:42) and He does not want us to fall apart like a house built of sand (Matthew 7:26) but to remain in Him, THE STONE.

When we stay here in Him, we reap the benefits of staying connected to God. Benefits include favor, His glory chasing you down, blessings, fruits of the Spirit, His face shining upon you, encounters with Him as a friend, healings (spiritually, emotional, physically, relationally) – not that you won’t have problems. We live in a fallen world, but rather you will look at those problems with heaven’s perspective and they will be small and through God we will be able to push and pray through.

Without being connected to the vine we would not have that. Our small problems would be mountains and we wouldn’t have the faith or God behind us to move that mountain into the sea.

Let us remain fixed in Jesus and if that means we have to change even just a little bit of our human flesh


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