Multi-Level House

So as a verb abiding means to accept or bear, stay or live somewhere, and to remain or continue.
There are levels of abiding in the presence of the Lord. It is like when you go to a new house, a new office, new church, or meet a new friend. When you first get there, you find the main layout of the new location (or main personality of the friend), then as you spend more time there you know where you stub your toe, you know how fast you can take a turn, you know the kind of jokes you can tell, and then you are able to get in-depth, knowledge filled tours with memories and bits of knowledge for the new novices (or new friends).
This is how it is with God. We start out small – knowing God as a whole – then we know how He speaks to us, we know how we can talk to Him, we begin to learn our type of prayer and worship, and then! Then we can begin to disciple others in the way of the Lord. How to study the Word, how to worship (their type of worship, how to unlock that within, how to pray (again their type and how to discover it), how to trust in God through the tough times – all the while never leaving His presence.
They meant for accepting and bearing to be as something bad, but God says that it is to accept several things: 1) I am a sinner Romans 3:21-26 2) God loves me John 3:16 3) He has forgiven my sins Romans 6:23 4) He wants to have a relationship with you Revelation 21:2,9 5) This relationship will never end Revelation 21:2,9
Once we accept these things (and so much more, read your Bible to find all the nuggets God wants to reveal to you) we can then move onto a new level of abiding.
We can then begin to stay or live with God, even after the pastor has left (aka we have left church, etc.) We then become like Joshua, not departing from the tabernacle of the Presence of God. We begin to truly bring the presence with us and stay in the presence at all times. John 15:4-10 we begin to bear fruit, we become His disciples, we follow His commandments, we are granted the desires of our hearts (Psalms 37:4).
And then we move onto the next level – to remain or continue. Continue, persevere, become a mentor, disciple so that you can also be a disciple. You have come to the point where you can just be in His presence, all the time but it doesn’t have to be cluttered with noise, or always a song, or always a sermon, or always verbal prayer. You and God can just be. I know that sounds like hippie nonsense but if you ever been in any kind of loving relationship (friendships count) then you will have experienced this phenomenon of not having to talk, not having to do something, and just being able to be with each other.


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