How long are you willing to wait?

At the end of the previous post, I posed the question or challenge rather of having the desire to truly abide in Jesus. You have to really want it, otherwise you are not going to be effective at it. So here is another call to go forward with passion birthed and given to us by God.

It is time to stop hoping it will happen and instead make double the effort – instead of praying just at your set apart time, pray when you do menial tasks (doing the dishes, folding laundry, etc.), turn the TV off and pray and worship down God’s glory.
God isn’t going to turn away from the praises of His people, instead He is enthroned upon them (Psalms 22:1-4) and when you enthrone the King of Glory in His proper place, He bestows upon you the glory of His presence.
It may take hours of singing or praying or talking to God or dancing before God or folding laundry for God but that is what it means to await for, to wait for – you are waiting for the King of Kings! How long do you wait at the doctor’s office, probably for an unsavory report? Why are we willing to do that and yet we are not willing to sit in the privacy of our own homes and wait on God for the same time frame and longer?
At my office there are some times, simply due to the thoroughness of one of the providers, that the wait time can be extremely long. And people get upset (I am guilty of it too unfortunately – one doctor’s appointment took so long for me to get in there and I did the same thing that bothers me as a front desk person) so I’m not pointing fingers at everyone else, I’m including myself in it, but do we (I know we do) do this with God?
“Hey, God…umm I’ve set apart 30 minutes before my program comes on so if you could come visit me for 30 minutes then leave – that would be great! Ok…and GO!”
With me – personally – it takes me that long to really focus on God and get rid of the different things in my head. And that is doing exactly what we are admonished to do – take every though captive and replace with thoughts of God. It’s like moving boxes of boxing up and replacing with Godly thoughts – work problems check, financial problems check, fight with family member check, health problems check, what should I make for lunch check. All that takes times and it isn’t that God can’t show up in 30 minutes but if He did would we even really notice?
One question I ask just about every day is “if God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit were to leave me right now, would I notice?” meaning “are they such a substantial part of my life that if they were to be gone that I would be lost without them? Or would I go about business as usual?”
If God never showed back up at the tent of meeting, there would be several people I’m sure who would be lost without it – Moses, the priests, and Joshua.
Even though Joshua was on the outside, he was still waiting on God. And he was eventually rewarded for this time of waiting.
I imagine it was something similar to the game that car dealerships will put on where the person who keeps their hand on the car the longest gets the car. Joshua is still there, holding his attention on the tent of meeting waiting for his prize – seeing God.
But like we said before his waiting was both waiting time wise as well as waiting serving wise. He was serving the King, Joshua wasn’t slacking off, just chilling with a coke and his feet up by the tent “like yo Moses what did Big G say today?” No, Joshua was serving. When you were in the tabernacle, the tent of meeting you were doing something ad when you were done you would leave. So if Joshua didn’t leave, that means he was doing something.
Your waiting on God should be full of action, full of worship and full of expectation (Psalms 62).


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